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Does anyone use a tool that accurately tracks local/GMB listings for keywords/rankings? Hoping to choose the best solution
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    To track local keywords (not GMB) I use ranktrackr.
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    I use SEM Rush to track my local rankings. With the paid account you can create multiple projects for each website and have one focused on national rankings, one on local, etc... You can dial it in to whatever service area you are looking for. However, that it just organic rankings, it won't track GMB. Have you looked at Bright Local? They have a service but I haven't tried it yet.
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      SEM Rush is very good. They also provide alot of handholding / training if you need that.
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    Semrush is the only one I see you can separate your audiences by country.
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      Moz let's you seperate it as well but I do think SEM Rush is better
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    I use SEMrush. You can setup a 'Position Tracking' and have SEMrush send you reports when your rankings change.

    Awesome tool.

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    There are many tools available to do that, SERPBook is one such tool that can help you do that task.
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  • Hi,

    For local SEO rank checking, I use:
    1. Zoom Rank
    2. Rank Watch
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    you can use ranktracker
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    SEO Tools That Track Local Google Rankings:
    1. BrightLocal
    2. Whitespark
    3. GeoRanker
    4. SerpSuite.com
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    There are so many tools that you can use anything for doing SEO for your site.Ahrefs and Semrush are good for SEO.
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    There are a lot of tools in the market. But I like the MSM aka Micrositemasters, it can help you to track keywords according to your specific area, you can set the city+zip code and track the keywords/pages. Also, I look at the Google Search Console to check out the average rankings of the keywords.

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    Semrush is the best tool for tracking SEO work.
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    For tracking the Local ranking these are four tools which are mostly used:
    Rank Tracker. ...
    UpCity. ...
    GeoRanker. ...
    AuthorityLabs. ...
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    I use Ahrefs. It stands out from the herd of other similar services by the largest base of Live links, huge Index and the best Speed of index updates.

    The essential features of Aherfs are:

    . Generate millions of keywords ideas
    . Search for newly discovered keywords every month
    . Check for traffic estimations for all pages ranking in top 10
    . See for ranking history for any keywords
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    Do any of these draw their serps reports from live google search data? Or is it all from companies taking periodic snapshots of Google's database and then updating it every month or whatever? I remember when Google killed its API so that real time reports could not be run but that was a number of years ago now. Has there been any change or any software that has some kind of deal with Google to link in real time?

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    Semrush is the best tool which provides the local listing. You can use that.
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    We must see the actual search rankings of our local listings so manual tracking in search results according to region would be the most accurate compare to other free and paid tools.
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    No doubt, SEMrush is the best tool to track the local rankings. It provides a great feature for projects & ranking. You can see all the information about the website. Like, all the position tracking records & country-wise target audience.
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    I am using website rank checker tool from a long time. this tool is very useful for my business. and i will suggest you to try.

    1. firstly you can search in google this words (w3era keyword finder tool) click first link and try it.
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    Although there are many tools you can deploy for this purpose, SEM rush will show you everything. It will make your work easier. I believe there is no other tool in the market capable of giving you get when you use SEM rush.
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    you can use ahrefs tool. You will get all up-to-date information (i.e. keyword ranking, page ranking, page traffic etc) from ahrefs. it updates every 24 hours and you can track lots of page in the same time.

    check the screenshot as attached.

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