Where does the traffic from fiverr's traffic gigs come from?

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I'm sure you've all seen those gigs on fiverr that promise something like 1,000 visitors or more for $5. They promise "real" visitors, but the thing is how real are they? Also where do they get the traffic from? I'm wondering how they are able to get get such volume for a low price.
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    Hi TheJadeEmperor,

    where do they get the traffic from?
    In a word: Advertising

    Fiverr gets a lot of traffic from existing customers, and they get a lot of new customers from their massive advertising campaigns.

    Have you seen their ads? They are all over YouTube.


    Don Burk

    p.s. I tried posting a couple of sample ads, but the forum script errored out on them so if you want to see the ads try these links if the forum doesnt mangle the urls after posting.

    and another:

    Each other | Fiverr - YouTube

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    Most of the time those sellers just use Bots like jingling or others.
    But Some gig owner do send you traffic from their pages, profiles so every gig is different.
    Best is to discuss with the seller more about it.
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    More to the point, even if they are real people, how targeted are they for what you are selling? Is it just a bunch or random people or is it a group of people who have expressed interest in buying your type of products?
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    You get what you pay for. Anyone promising 1,000 real visitors for like $5 is more than likely blowing smoke up your you know what. Good, targeted traffic is not cheap. Just ask any successful internet marketer.

    I've tried solo ads and traffic from Fiverr when I was new to the game. It did more damage than good.
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    Normally they are bot traffic. A bunch of proxies and a script delivering you the traffic.
    pure garbage.
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    and think for a second about this... if you had a good traffic source to sell would you charge 5 bucks for 1000 visitors?

    Normally what we pay is what we get.
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    Think about it this way: If you had 1000 real visitors at your fingertips, would you sell them for 4$ (your profit after Fiverr), instead of promoting something and earning much more?

    If it doesn't make financial sense, it's not real.

    There are a lot of sources of cheap traffic, but none worthwhile.
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