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Hi Guys,
thought you guys might want to hear my story as a bit of a warning.

I was ranked number 2 for a 2 word keyword that provided 1000 searches to my article per month.
However I worked out that number one article received 3000 searches per month.

So, I read that adding a youtube video to your blog almost guaranteed getting that coveted number one position, so that's what I did and voila, number one position withing 2 weeks and now 3000 per month traffic. All was well for 3 months until I noticed I had suddenly dropped to number 7 on Google.

So i checked my website as I thought something must be seriously wrong as I hadn't moved out of the top 2 in over a year. Sure enought, the video that I added was no longer available and as such my embedded video was not working.

I presume Google sees this as a bad user experience and acted accordingly, hence the drop down the rankings.
I have since found an even better video, but knowing that quite a few videos are eventually unavailable, I am thinking of simply removing the video altogether.
Google have raised me to number 4 after about a month, but doesn't seem as keen now, even though it's really a more relevant video than the old one.

Just thought it might help someone in a similar position.
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    hey nice info thanks for sharing
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    Correlation is not causation
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  • Well its not always correct but depends on the competition of the keyword.
    But Yeah video does makes the visitors stay longer on your page and thus it can help you in getting a stable ranking.
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    Thanks for sharing this information.
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    Thanks for sharing man
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    Thanks for the info. I am creating a couple of videos for my website to do a test run. I will definitely keep this in mind.
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    It sounds like the videos on your site are someone else's videos that eventually become unavailable for whatever reason? Is it possible for you to make your own videos on the same topics so you have a little more control over their lifetime?

    Your post doesn't provide details on the article or type of videos, but if you wrote the article, it should be easy for you to create a video for it as well?
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    so, about a week later now, I am now number 8 against inferior articles. Top 7 are all articles similar.

    I get really frustrated with Google, as if it's a massive problem for them with their "user experience reasoning" then why not warn you somethings wrong with your video, like they do with other elements of your web site like "clickable elements too close together" etc (what's that all about?)

    Anyway, how can I improve my position?
    Do i need to re-submit to google?
    Any advice great help
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