Using YouTube Display Ads For Keyword Research (New Way To Research???)

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Hello fellow warrior people,

I'm trying to grow a YouTube channel organically through SEO and keyword targetting. I'm aware of techniques for keyword research such as using YouTube's suggested bar (currently I use As well as using Semrush to analyze what keywords competitors are targetting.

Because each of my videos cost from $500-$1000 dollars to make, I'm very keen that this money is going down the drain without the right keyword targetting and optimization. And the tools mentioned above don't accurately assess the search volume of keywords at all.

So I figured the best way to test what titles and keywords are the best would be to actually take them to the YouTube battle grounds. So my question is, what are your thoughts on using YouTube's display ads to split test different related keywords before making each video?

Could I accurately predict the profitability of a video/keyword based on the performance of an ad?

Thanks in advance!
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    If your production costs are that high and you're considering using ads, why not just create a couple of great ads (direct response ones) and promote whatever it is you're selling that way?

    Otherwise, maybe find a way to reduce your production costs (seriously, there are huge channels who have a tiny fraction of those costs!).

    Sure, use some keyword research to guide your production but being able to just create a certain volume of content in order to gain traction is what most channels rely on to grow organically.

    Sorry if that's not exactly the answer you wanted, just my 2c.
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      Thank you Cyber. My team and I are using Facebook and YouTube ads as well. Plus, many of the videos go into part of our email nurture sequence. However, since we've grown our YouTube subscriber base to 10,000 and are known for our high quality videos we post them on YouTube as well.

      I do agree that I should look to decreasing our production costs, however...
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    Because each of my videos cost from $500-$1000 dollars to make,
    What kind of videos are you making?
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      Hey -- when I do mine, I mostly record them with my iPhone, using my workspace (desk/iMac) as a background. I've done a few outdoors in the past, in my back yard or front porch with trees in the background but those can be tough with the odd car passing by or dogs barking!

      In the main, I like the indoors option as it makes recording as easy as possible, and that way I don't find excuses not to do it, well most of the time anyway!
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