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OK, new problem!

I have a site that only gets 100 views per month and I'm waiting for organic traffic.
Site is 9 months old so should receive some extra traffic soon ( although in the fitness niche)

Anyway, out of the 100 new users p/m 60 of them are from the US, even though I changed my "country destination" to UK in Google Search Console.

Is this normal for UK site to have more than 50% traffic from US and if not, what can I do about it?
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    First of all a site's age has nothing to do with this.

    And why are you worried? Does US traffic useless to you? A English site can get US traffic more than UK its because more people live in US than in UK.
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    You can't draw many conclusions from 100 views a month. Could even be the same people.
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    Is is it good you have US traffic if you are interested to increase your local traffic you should focus on Local SEO like a directory, listing etc.
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    Fitness niche is quite competitive. To bring in relevant traffic from exact location depends upon a lot of factors likewise how properly is On Page is optimized than comes SEO Off Page activities (what kind of links you're building). Before building any link you can check for traffic stats with respect to the country.
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    100 views is nothing and no one can explain things with it.
    Let it grow for a while and Fitness is something all major tier countries are interested in it so its nothing new.
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