URL Structure of website is messed from SEO results. Please Help.

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My website is getting cached by google but when someone clicking on the pages that are coming in google search results it is showing a big url. and when click on other pages of website it is just adding the url of the next page but page is same.


1. When someone search my services the website is coming in seo results with url: www.example.com/my-services-in-location

2. When I click on www.example.com/my-services-in-location page from SEO results it is landing on www.example.com/my-services-in-location.

3. When I click on any other page from the header like www.example.com/my-services-in-location-2 that time it is showing a different url/a mixed url http://www.example.com/my-services-i...-in-location-2

4. Now the page url is url http://www.example.com/my-services-i...-in-location-2 but website is showing the same page www.example.com/my-services-in-location.

What is the problem and what where is the problem. Please Help.
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    You can fix your robots.txt to exclude those results...

    I assume you use wordpress....

    The real solution is hand code and ditch the crapola piece of sewage that is wp.

    If you really need a cms, put it on blogger.

    Google owns it, runs it, and it comes seo'd out of the box...exactly the way google wants things.

    As a bonus, they give you FREE hosting!

    What a concept.

    With free hosting, free google-friendly platform, run by google, it just don't get no better'n dat!

    Fixing wp is like putting lipstick on a pig....why are there so many pigs on the net?
    Cuz people buy a pig in a poke.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    As suggested by Paul, fixing robots.txt file should do it.

    Still you should resubmit those urls. And don't expect to have any effect overnight.
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    In such a scenario, You need to apply permanent redirection(301) or block the URL (which you don't want to be) by Robots.txt file.
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