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Hi There

The company is growing and we're thinking of expanding our online presence into the USA. The .com domain for our brand as well as the .us are already taken.

I'd always use the .co.uk over a .com for a website I want to rank in the United Kingdom. Does it work in a similar way in the US? Or do .com's hold more regional power over there?

Appreciate any help you can give me! I imagine the .com will be more expensive to buy but, that said, I will almost certainly pay the additional if it brings better results.

Thank you
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    According to Google, the TLD does not matter at all for rankings unless the TLD is a geo-targeted TLD. Therefore, a .net will rank just as high as a .com in the U.S. - all other things being equal (neither TLD is associated with a specific country or region).

    The main problem with anything but a .com is that people remember websites as being .com, whether they are or are not. If yours is the type of site that might attract returning visitors who have to remember it is .net (or whatever) and not .com, that might be a problem. If, instead, your site is a one-off site (you sell refrigerators which are pretty much a one-time purchase, for example), it really doesn't matter.

    The best thing to do would be to use an add-on to get the .com. If your company was acmeproducts and acmeproducts.com isn't available, you might consider going after acmeproductsusa.com, for instance.
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    What is your present domain?
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