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Hi Experts,

My question is, after watching the trend of PPC, shall we all assume that Search Engine Optimization will be dead in the year 2019? Need some valuable piece of advice.
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    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.
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    SEO is the essential part of any kinds of website.without search engine optimization a website can not get the higher position in the global market place.after the time being the importance of SEO is going the upper level.so we say that SEO is not DEad
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    Originally Posted by Rajeev Gaur View Post

    Hi Experts,

    My question is, after watching the trend of PPC, shall we all assume that Search Engine Optimization will be dead in the year 2019? Need some valuable piece of advice.
    We should all assume that you are clueless.
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    Originally Posted by Rajeev Gaur View Post

    Hi Experts,

    My question is, after watching the trend of PPC, shall we all assume that Search Engine Optimization will be dead in the year 2019? Need some valuable piece of advice.

    Make a google search first. Before starting a thread. These are two different things.
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    You can assume that if you like. I'll continue to optimize for search engines and climb the rankings while I also pay for clicks. One is a long term strategy that will result in slow but steady traffic increases (SEO) and the other is a short term one that has no real growth opportunity (PPC).
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    Search is the heart and sole on the internet 3.5 billion searches per day 40,OOO search quirues per second . so no search will not decline. There is not a logical way we can think of to search find products services without the likes of bing yahoo google.
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    No SEO can never die because of it's important.
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    In one word: No. SEO will neither die in 2019 nor (probably) in the future. Every search engine has an advanced algorithm based on which it determines the ranking of a website, and a significant part of it consists of SEO (both On-Page & Off-Page). Therefore, thinking that SEO will vanish is not true. On the other hand, PPC is pure paid marketing, and you have to pay Google for every click ranging from the competition and rank for your ad on SERP. PPC ad stays till the money is flowing, but SEO is not affected by money spent. It lasts longer when compared with PPC.
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    No, Search Engine Optimization will not be dead. These days PPC is on trend but as you know that SEO is long term strategy that show result slow but for long term. In case of PPC results will show for short term. For PPC We need money for getting result , but in SEO we don't need to spend money. SEO is lasts longer when compared with PPC.
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    Google job is to give the best related websites to users for a given keywords....How can that be dead?
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    The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to make your site appear among the top search results when a user searches for a keyword related to your industry. This positioning in search engines gives you the chance to get more clicks to your site and-potentially-more sales.
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    No, it can't possible that SEO will be going to be dead. Because it's impossible that everyone is not investing in PPC because it's a risky way to invest in running PPC ads just for website traffic only. SEO is for making an online presence and increase the search visibility by backlinks connecting one website to another but as per today's SEO concern building do follow backlinks on high authority websites are the main objective. It means that you have to take more efforts to get on the top 10 organic search results.
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    I think you don't really know the power of search engine optimization. SEO will not die because PPC is just one part of marketing and SEO is the other one. They genuinely don't relate because PPC costs money and SEO doesn't.
    So I think asking such question is really waste.
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    SEO is not just getting your website traffic but also maintaining your brand value online and content optimization is a part of On-Page SEO.
    PPC is all effected by the Content quality in the website and the Relevancy with the targeted audience.
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    SEO is universal, it will never die. By PPC you can earn instant audience but SEO is the best one overall.
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    No, It's impossible SEO can never die. It will work all the times but SEO is changing itself day by day and becoming very tuff.
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    Search Engines are core of internet. its the first place people go when they got question or they're looking for something.

    See this: google alone has avg of 3.5 billion searches per day. :O. a lotta people searching. so you gotta look good in Search Engine eyes.

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    Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is of two types- Organic SEO and Paid SEO. Organic SEO is a lengthy process but Paid SEO is a money-based SEO. If you run Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad paying dollars, then your site will show in SERPs for a certain period you pay. But if your site ranks in SERPs by means of organic SEO, then you must not pay and this rank stays for unlimited time. So I can say, organic SEO will never be dead in the future.
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    SEO will never die as long as Search engines exist
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    Its never going to be dead as its what makes your website appear on first page when user search.
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    I love how people think SEO will be "dead"

    Anyone who says this, has no clue what SEO actually is.

    What you are essentially saying is people will stop using Google search.

    SEO is everywhere, Amazon, Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and so on....

    SEO is alive and well, far more than PPC is.
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    No, it's strong as ever, but SEO is a field of rapid change and tactics that used to work stop working or may even negatively impact your site. However, with recent changes, it may seem that SEO is dying in its usefulness, but really, search engine optimisation is neither dead nor dying, though it is certainly evolving into something completely new. Google's algorithms have been changing dramatically and the necessary techniques to obtain optimal website rankings have been changing too.
    There are some tactics which will die like Keyword Stuffing, thin content, exact match domains, meta keywords.
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    SEO won't come to an end because in SEO process organic traffic is driven to the website PPC drive the traffic through paid methods. Using PPC process will gain good results but for short term, Gaining results from SEO process gives a long term result and a stability to the website ranking.
    In future time I think SEO will gain more importance as many people still don't know about the results of SEO, having good professionals in SEO field in your company will surely give you a great result. The google website ranking majorly depends on SEO so as to gain top ranking on search engine SEO is needed.
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    Well I guess, I am hearing this since the first algorithmic update back in 2011 that SEO is going to die. But what happening is SEO is expanding day by day and its reach increasing a lot. Search Engine Optimization would never be died, Organic traffic has massive amount of potential and you can easily rank your website by following search engine optimization procedures.

    Coming back to your question, Yeah PPC has gain significant amount of potential but still way to go for pay per click marketing to compete with search engine optimization.
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    it is possible to add some new thing for SEO practice, but SEO SMO PPC etc ,will be work in next 5 years.
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