Advice needed regarding disavowing spam backlinks

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Hi all,

I have resurrected an old domain of mine to use for a new blog, and after a couple of weeks, I decided to check its backlinks and expected to find one or two.

I was shocked when the backlink analyzer indicated there were over 200.

On checking it looks like they are all old links from 2012, with many of them from defunct domains. The backlinks that are live look like they are from article farms, but they have my name and the domain name linking to what is now the new blog. It looks like 7 years ago, when the domain was last used, someone decided to create a load of spam links to it.

Here is my concern...the anchor text for every one of the backlinks is 'internet marketing', and I am concerned that when Google fully crawl my new site, it will get penalized for over optimization because of all of these links.

1) Am I right to be concerned?
2) If so, how do I fix it?

0r, 3) With the fact that the links are so old, will Google just ignore them?

Hoping there is someone in the forum who can help.

Thanks in advance.

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