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Hello Guys, Mostly all blog site allows comments with no follow attributes but every blog has a lot of comments after knowing it gives only a no-follow value. So I just wanted to know, Whether the blog commenting is beneficial or not?
share your feedback thanks
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    Blog commenting is just for getting less backlink for our website .There is 10% profit for our website .
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    Blog comments may not help you much with your SEO, but they can send a lot of traffic to your website, which is equally as important.

    If you can leave high quality comments on relevant blogs and forums, it will definitely send you consistent traffic, even if it doesn't improve your search rankings.
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    Blog commenting is useful if you place your website link to to the relevant blog because it will help you to increase the number of visitors on your website
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    Also keep in mind that there are a TON of idiots out there who still think that blog comments will help their sites rank. Even the very rare followed link from a blog comment isn't going to help but there are still a whole lot of people employing old tactics from a decade ago.
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    Blog commenting isn't much of any help. Even though when some blogs provide do-follow links they actually passes no real link juice so do the math. And coming to getting traffic it depends on how do the actual commenting and also its a long shot.
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    it's beneficial if you leave comments on niche related blogs.
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    Blog Commenting is important as much as your other activities but in case of only when you are commenting at the right palce and the niche relevent blog.
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    Benefits are it is a platform on which everyone shares there views idea with each other we may blog comments helps the blog to attract traffic and makes it social.
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    Search niche relevant blog sites without affiliate sites also find out high DA & PA and create content try to accept your comments with website links. Also try to create Anchor Text link. I hope that, would be great traffic source for your websites also High authority site backlinks.
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    I think it is not the best idea for ranking, but if to do it right,I guess it will help.
    So you should be a regular commentator and reader of a few popular blogs can really help you gain concern. Choose a few of your favorite blogs, and comment on all their latest articles, regularly.Make your comment detail and complete.
    If you are interested in increasing your online exposure, while establishing yourself as an expert in your industry, then you will definitely want to take advantage of blogging as a marketing strategy.
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    Our agency uses blog comments to get the attention of writers and site owners we want to link to us. It takes time, but it works. Utilizing blog comments for any other purpose is pointless.
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    Blog comenting its efective for blog traffic and i dont know how much its for seo .The hard thingbota people aprove very hard your coments with link back to your website
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    Blog commenting is one of the good link building straight to create backlinks & to have discussion. Blog commenting comes under a Blog to post a comment on a particular topic.

    It's believe to post a comment on high authority sites to get a link for own site. So there are benefits of Blog commenting.
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    Blog commenting is damn helpful.
    By doing right blog commenting one blogger starts interacting with others. This builds a relation among different bloggers.
    If you are only worried about the do-follow or no-follow backlink then please don't do blog commenting because blog commenting cannot assure you the do-follow backlink.
    In the field of blogging, the relation building is very effective way of improving the blog reputation. So try focusing on building relations not the backlinks.
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  • Profile picture of the author Level Up
    Blog commenting is a networking strategy more than "hey look at my website" strategy. If the outward link offers value to the author and then also adds value to the other commentators then it can turn into a networking opportunity. If you offer the author exposure to your audience in return for him giving you access to your audience then you can both get a sizable chunk of each others audience. The catch is that you need to lead with value to create interest so you can create a relationship. Just trying to grab other peoples traffic might get flagged as spam.
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  • Profile picture of the author Rajeev Gaur
    Hi there,

    Blog commenting is one of the oldest techniques of search engine optimization. It is something when you comment on a person's blog with some appreciation on their post, promoting yourself for SEO purposes like backlinking. In simple words, blog commenting is a great tool of SEO activity for website promotion. It's a really good source of diverse links back to your domain. Its main goal is to drive traffic to your website.

    Its benefits are
    • Backlinks
    • Traffic
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Build Relationships

    Good Luck
    Team e-Definers Technology
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    By commenting on blog you can create backlinks for your website. And yes those should be related to your website is more valuable.
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    If you are commenting on high quality sites yes it can help your seo but the comment has to be useful.
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  • I can see the utility in using it to network with the person who wrote the article, but that's about it. I wouldn't expect any real referral traffic from a comment on a blog post in the year 2019. And if you're doing it because you think the backlink is going to help you rank, you're going to be sorely disappointed.
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    Hello, Blog commenting is useful place your website link to the relevant blog because it will help you to increase the number of visitors on your website. Thanks.
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    If you can leave high quality comments on relevant blogs. you can create backlinks for your website. good luck
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  • Blog commenting is crucial in generating backlinks. Good blogs find many readers and that is the best place where you can post links to your website; provided the comment revolves around the blog which you are targeting. Otherwise it won't take the admin too long to delete your post right away!!
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    It's only beneficial if you post relevant informative comments on related niche blogs. It might bring you some relevant traffic. That's all!
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  • Hi,
    Few benefits of Blog Commenting are:
    1.Improves online visibility
    2.Build Credibility
    3. Create a Relationship
    4.Link building
    5. Increase traffic
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  • Profile picture of the author Chasing Media
    Blog commenting is just a small part to gain you backlinks and gets more online visibility of your website. It gives you less amount of profit but its a bit easy one though so don't leave try this and every other method which helps you to gain more backlink
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  • Profile picture of the author Radhika Shah
    Blog commenting helps the website to get a backlink. So it is beneficial
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