Can you rank a website without using SEO SEM SMM Etc tactics

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Hi everyone,

I have a question for a long time, but today I took time asking in this forum because of the response I received for my previous questions. It has been a while since i have posted any question in the forum.

Being in Blogging for some time, I was thinking all of the tactics and time we spend in improving our blog will sometimes go in vain. I personally have faced this kind of situation to some of my blogs, for example, my blog on government Jobs information across India showed good performance initially. But now, I was loosing all of my hopes on this blog.

So now i was looking to start a blog just to provide information without doing any kind of SEO SEM or SMM or Digital Marketing tactics to improve my rankings.

If i do so, is it possible to rank my website to the keywords I was looking for? If this is possible, how much time it might take.

Your valuable suggestion can help me in continuing in this field or look for a 09 to 05 Job.

Thanks in Advance...
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    You would be lucky if you go any traffic without implementing an SEO strategy.Search engine optimization is the gateway to all the websites that are listed
    Looks like you are taking the Build it and they will come approach.That will not work.My question to you is how do you expect people to find your website if you do not promote it ?
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    If you are telling to your friends about your website or blog, that is also kind of promotion called "word of mouth". So, you can't expect people to your site with out any promotion. Nowadays most of the people knows about online marketing and they are doing online promotion such as SEO, AdWords to their business. So, It's not possible getting audience to the online site or blog without these promotional activities.
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    If the keywords that you are targeting have zero competition, sure, you can rank well. Of course, if there is no competition, it is generally for something nobody is searching for, so it's rather pointless.
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    It depends on the keyword competition which you are going to rank.
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    The fastest way to rank is by building quality backlinks. Either do it yourself or just buy them.
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    It is not possible because google is all about search engine optimization, if you do not use them, then your competitors will use them and beat you with it, so you better dominate and not compete.

    Use all the tools that you can to boost your website ranking and that is how you stay on the first page of google.
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    If you are targeting keywords which have low keyword difficulty there is a chance to rank your keyword without doing SEO and other activities and content must be important and if keywords have high keyword difficulty you have to do all activities
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  • It's impossible to not end up using SEO, even accidentally. The usage of keywords automatically fall into playing in Google's game, so unless you use gobbledygook and no real words, any terms you use will rate you.
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