Can you rank a website without using SEO SEM SMM Etc tactics

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Hi everyone,

I have a question for a long time, but today I took time asking in this forum because of the response I received for my previous questions. It has been a while since i have posted any question in the forum.

Being in Blogging for some time, I was thinking all of the tactics and time we spend in improving our blog will sometimes go in vain. I personally have faced this kind of situation to some of my blogs, for example, my blog on government Jobs information across India showed good performance initially. But now, I was loosing all of my hopes on this blog.

So now i was looking to start a blog just to provide information without doing any kind of SEO SEM or SMM or Digital Marketing tactics to improve my rankings.

If i do so, is it possible to rank my website to the keywords I was looking for? If this is possible, how much time it might take.

Your valuable suggestion can help me in continuing in this field or look for a 09 to 05 Job.

Thanks in Advance...
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