How good/bad the exit intent pop-ups? What is Google's perspective?

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Hi all,

We have launched the exit intent pop-ups on our website where a pop-up will appear when the visitor is about to leave the website. This will trigger when the mouse is moved to the top window section; as an attempt by the visitor to close the window. We see a slight ranking drop post this pop-up launch. As the pop-up is appearing just before someone leaves the website; does this making Google to see as if the user left because of the pop-up and penalizing us? What is your thoughts and suggestions on this?

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    No. As long as the code isn't slowing your site significantly there's not really any "penalties" so to say. The exit intent might actually just keep the visitor on your site a few seconds longer, which can actually be a good thing SEO-wise.

    Popups that have a negative effect on SEO is those giving a poor user experience, with certain sites having like 5 popups on a single page before you get to read anything. But exit popups, nah, it's all over the place, if Google had to penalize the lot of them their search engine would be pretty boring and empty. It's all about user experience these days, so if it's not too intrusive, you've got nothing to worry about.
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