How can i improve my google rankings after last google update

by EvaT
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Hi Guys, I have noticed no sales in last 2 days on my Amazon account, so I investigated and find out after the last update Google dropped my site to the place number 111, which is 11 page on google.
However what I have also noticed is that most of the sites which were my competitors are also on page 111 or below down my site ( i went thru a lot of pages ), so i wasn't the only one who dropped so low.
I heard someone was saying that Google had some problem, there was a bug in the update and a lot of sites just dropped really down.
But how can we recuperate?
My site has over 100 posts, they are between 1000 and 2000 words, Yoast is giving me green light with SEO I build backlinks on occasion, now I am wondering if my site will ever go back to the position I was on.
In my niche first, 6 or 7 pages on google are ads, or just brand products from the brand sites right now.
Any ideas will be appreciated.
Thanks Eva
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    If your site dropped after the update that is a sign that you need to improve your sites SEO performance .In other words update your content, make sure your pages are optimized with the correct keywords.Check your site speed. Check your titles home pages about me pages maybe try linking back to some relevant content in your archives.
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