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From my research at > >
Use top-level domains: To help us serve the most appropriate version of a document, use top-level domains whenever possible to handle country-specific content. We're more likely to know that 3erlei - Malerei contains Germany-focused content, for instance, than or
I feel comfortable but one last check with the experts here because this area is beyond my level of complete understanding.

I have a site that covers 5 geo's, being AU, CA, NZ, UK & US the site is geo activated per se and I can allocate content based on Geo Location.

Some of that content can be placed into one or more Geo locations as it applies to more than one Geo, which means I would copy the content to each respective Geo.

In that and in accordance with giggles version of events I do have clear geo focus in my urls for example > > etc

In addition each pages data, also includes country in the meta description etc.

From what I can see and read / have researched I should have no problems with duplicate content that I can see? or should there be another better way ?

NB: The content on the site is original and not copied from other sites.

Thanks for any advice
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    All I'll tell you is that there is no such thing as a duplicate content penalty and there never has been one. The worst that will happen is that only one of the instances of the exact content will be indexed and show up in the SERPs. It makes no sense for Google (or any other search engine) to waste resources indexing the same exact content, after all. It won't affect any individual site unless the entire site is duplicate content.
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    If its not exactly copied. Then there is no way Google can tell which is what. As, right now I just told you what exactly Dave suggested earlier.
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