Can using multiple sub-domains for same business affect SEO poorly?

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I have a flower shop.
We get orders mainly online and we deliver flower arrangements to local customers

There are couple of online platforms that we can get orders from, like FTD, Teleflora, etc.

For now, we use only one platform(let say AAA), and they made our website(for example,
They take care of the back end, and hosting.
So, all orders automatically goes to the platform company(AAA) even though customers access/orders from our domain. (

Because they manage the back-end, there are some restriction.
And it is kind of difficult to sell our arrangements on different platform under the same name of our store.

So I'm thinking to use sub-domains.
In that case, we can get order from multiple platform companies while we use the same company name.
And I think of managing the main domain ourselves, which is
For example, (we host and manage) (AAA host and manages) (FTD host and manages) (Teleflora host and manages)

I heard we can host each sub-domain under different hosting server.
My only concern is SEO, and speed of site.

Is this a valid solution to my problems? Or if you guys have any other ideas how to do this.
Does it it make sense to do so?
And will it affect SEO poorly?
And will it affect the speed of site?

Please let me know.
Thank you.
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