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I live in a small, isolated town with most work being seasonal and half the population being seasonal tourists. Pay is very low and jobs are all service industry or straight up labor. There are only about 3-5 marketing agencies in my area and any web developers are hobbyists. It's like this until you basically get to Miami, which is a 3 1/2 to 4 hour drive.

I'm thinking of finding specific terms and just trying to rank for those niche marketing terms nationally, like "Web Development Manager" or something similar. In what cases is local SEO just a losing battle and national better? I've seen one guy who's SEO is "WordPress Developer" and he ranks high for that term, so I'm thinking maybe I need to follow his lead since there just does not seem to be any web development work locally.

Secondly, with backlinks / internal site links, is it good policy to avoid adding links to a site's footer?

Finally, should internal site links to external sites be done often to whatever I'm blogging about if it's something like 20-30 links in a single blog post or more specialized, such as only to other site pages, social media profiles, etc?

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    Firstly, Need to search niche related site which global or local who want and try to create backlinks[gust post, comments with link, social link, blog etc].
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    Link Building techniques will help you the most. Following are some of the techniques Directory, Bookmarking, Blog commenting, Article submission, Guest blogging, social media sharing.
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