Very DUMB question about having a Disney Blog

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I've been to Disney more than a few times and I know a lot of tips of when to visit what at Disney, what restaurants to eat cheap, etc.

Here is the dumb question. Does one have to have permission from Disney to create a "Disney Blog"? I was thinking of getting pics from stock photos sites - but as far as the content of deals, tips and what to see - am I allowed to create a blog like this?

I've looked at other Disney blogs out there and I'm thinking that they may have had to have permission from Disney. Not sure.

I'm thinking that I am allowed - but want to make sure before I start something.
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    You can blog about anything without legal repercussions as long as you are not using images you do not own or have legal permission to use. You could get into legal trouble if you use Disney as part of your domain name or if you infer that you are in any way associated with Disney.

    You also can get into legal trouble if you try to sell any Disney merchandise that is not officially licensed by Disney and purchased from an authorized distributor.

    Of course, when in doubt, you can always contact Disney.
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    I would do some serious 'digging' to find info before moving on it. My own guess would be it's fine to talk about your own experiences - but if you are also promoting could be an issue. But...I'm not a lawyer and could be completely wrong about that. I know from experience that some brands will object to any mention of their brand name on a site or blog.

    Some marketers will say 'fight it' or 'ignore it' - but I'm not into legal spats with major companies.
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    I've decided not to go with a blog about Disney. Even though it would've been just personal experiences and tips that my wife and I had. I will have my new blog talk about Retirement and Personal Finance.

    Finally - I feel like I've made the right decision.

    Thanks everyone for your views.
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