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1. Will Google penalize my site (get lower eCPM) if I have CPC advertising other than from Adsense displayed? Granted, I recognize that if someone clicks on the other ad, my Adsense eCPM lowers, but wondering if Google will lower my 'earning potential' just for displaying the other ads?

2. Does it make sense to have other advertising on my site? Should I just stick with Adsense, positioned properly for good CTR?

I know banner ads are less effective and thought to replace the Adsense 468x60 banner with another network ad. This way, Google will not penalize the entire page for having a poor CTR banner ad.

3. This brings up my third question...does Google base potential earnings from the entire page CTR or by individual ad performance?

I could be reading too much into this and should simply stick with the ads that get good CTR and don't worry about filler.

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    You can overdue it on banner ads and affiliate links, but as far as google penalizing you for placing other ads on your page, I've never heard of it, beside just look at all the websites that have more than one ad on their site. Google ads are placed on your site according to the keyword density of your site. Just make sure you have good, quality content on your site and you will be ok.
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