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We have a scholarship system that we promote on many .edu sites and get some great links and traffic from it. However, our business is a law firm and therefore our main goal is not to drive scholarship site visits, but our legal services. So my question is, is it hurting us to have so much traffic from unrelated sources? Certain times of the year more than half of our organic searches and referrals come in about the scholarships. Should we move away from those links and site traffic? Does Google just think we are a scholarship system?
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    I could be wrong about this, but if you're getting high levels of organic traffic to your site, that's great news. Google may think you're a scholarship system, sure, but work around that and take advantage of the traffic! The traffic is getting you noticed, but your conversion rate for legal services will be low. So just work on other ways (non SEO related) to drive legal service traffic to your site. If you depend on SEO for your legal services though, then you may have a problem as it will be difficult to get Google to rank you high for both niches that are very different.
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  • No, it is not hurting you to have so much traffic from unrelated sources. In order to start receiving targeted "law" traffic, optimize specific pages on your site for keywords that you'd like to target. For example: "legal services in Miami, FL", then start building backlinks to those pages. By doing these two things, you will eventually begin to receive the traffic you are looking for.
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    It's definitely not hurting you. The links from those .edu site will actually help you rank for other things on your site. You just need to beef up your SEO efforts on those other things.
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    These scholarships are free or some conditions are on these. How can anybody apply for these scholarships? What are the qualifications?
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    I believe it does 'hurt' if these visitors are contributing to a high bounce rate (as they are unrelated traffic). The benefits of these links could and probably do outweigh this negative though.
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