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In 2019, Do you think any Off-PAGE SEO techniques works?If yes, can you please specify which one techniques are really working and help in SEO?
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    If you really want to know then I suggest read around a bit. Its easy that way.

    There are tons of threads in this forum regarding this topic.
    SEO Motionz Forum & Blog- Digital Marketing Forum & Blog,
    Forum Management & Promotion, SEO Tips, Money Making tips etc.
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    - Blog posting
    - forum replies
    - submit to high quality sites
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    Submit on High DA sites
    Directory submission
    Question and answering sites
    Forum submission
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    Directory submission
    Question and answering sites
    Forum submission
    High DA submission websites
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  • Hi,
    Off-page techniques are:
    1. guest blogging
    2. blog commenting
    3. social bookmarking
    4. infographic submission
    5. Video sharing
    6. press release
    7. ppt & doc submission
    8. business listing
    9. directory submission
    10. classifieds
    11. forum submission
    12. internal linking
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    Use a website having high domain authority and page authority. Tasks which are useful in 2019 are
    1. Blog posting
    2. Forum Submission
    3. Social bookmarking
    4. Classified Ads
    5. Directory Submission
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    if you publish high-quality content in your website. so your keyword rank in Google without any backlink. also, you can try Pbn for your website.
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    Blog commenting is effective
    Guest posting on high quality sites is effective
    Forum submissions
    Creating sharable content
    So media engagement
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    All existing Off page SEO techniques work if you're implement them correctly.
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    Off-PAGE SEO techniques works 2019 - Go with high Doman authority sites and and do follow. This will definitely help you
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  • 1. Blog submission
    2. Forum reply
    3. Quora
    4. Guest Posting
    5. Social Media
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  • Social Media
    Blog submission
    Forum Posting
    Guest Posting
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    In 2019 I suggest you the following techniques here;-

    Post on high DA sites
    write high-quality content and share on top sites
    create backlinks on a daily basis
    competitor analysis
    guest posting
    que & ans
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    As per the current SEO trend in 2019, you need to focus on the following important factors to get better ranking :
    • Make your website SEO friendly.
    • Create SEO friendly URLs (Avoid special symbols like %, &, ? etc.).
    • Improve website loading speed.
    • Improve Website Responsiveness.
    • Create a mobile-friendly website (Use AMP version if possible).
    • Do effective Keyword Research.
    • Target High Search Volume Keywords in Title, Meta tags, and URLs.
    • Maintain the proper length of Title and Meta tags.
    • Follow proper heading structure(H1, H2, H3...H6).
    • Use fresh content on the website.
    • Set proper keyword density in your content.
    • Set appropriate internal or external linking on the website.
    • Set appropriate value on image ALT tags.
    • Take advantage of schema markup.
    • Do the smart analysis of Google Analytics and Webmasters/Search Console.
    • Do effective social media promotion.
    • Do effective paid marketing with Google Ads & PPC(if required).
    • Don't forget to spy on your competitors.
    • Build backlinks from various most relevant and high DA websites.
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    Now the only off-page activity matter is Guest Post Content posting.
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    Backlink from relevant and high DA websites.
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    The most effective SEO that works in 2019 is Guest Blogging. If done well, this technique can get you backlinks from most recognized as well as High DA websites. But for that you need to create high quality, unique content that has a word count of 2000+ words.
    Apart form Guest Blogging, try to focus on following techniques -
    1. On Page SEO - includes All HTML Tags, Site Speed, Content, Internal linking, external links, URL structure and many more.
    2. Video Promotions - With over a 8 billion videos are watched daily on Facebook and increase in Video ad completion rates, it is certainly more powerful marketing technique.
    3. Voice Search - Voice search is becoming more natural and rewarding in our current climate. Create a content that includes long term keywords to improve your Voice Search results.

    Want to Future-Proof Your Online Business? Make Your Website SEO Friendly. Click here ->

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    Content marketing holds no 1 spot in best Off Page SEO techniques of the year.Off-page SEO will help make your website popular on the internet,
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    SEO Off page Activity are

    Blog submission
    Classified submission
    Bookmarking submission
    Directory submission
    Info-graphics submission
    Guest posting
    Image sharing
    Video sharing
    Blog Commenting
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    yes it works
    Firstly do article, blog and social bookmarking and business listing for website
    These techniques is quite work very well.
    While blog commenting and directory submission is outdated.
    No need to work there
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    Lots of Off-page technique are working but make sure all the website where you place the links it must have high domain authority the techniques are:

    Guest posting
    Image sharing
    Video sharing
    Classified submission
    Info-graphics submission
    Web 2.O
    PDF sharing
    PPT sharing

    Hope this answer wil help you
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    1. Forum Postings
    2. Blog Postings
    3. Social bookmarking
    4. Video submissions
    5. Image sharing...etc
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    OFF Page techniques-

    - Guest blogging
    - Blog commenting
    - Social bookmarking
    - Classified Ads
    - Directory Submission
    - Quora Posting
    - Image sharing
    - Video sharing
    - Infographic Submission
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    First you need to get good content across the good keyword stuff in all over site is best. Without this all off page seo methods will go into fail
    Get good on-page seo first after doing blog and high page rank submission will be the best for getting good seo result
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    There are lots of OFF page techniques out there all depends on your business requirements.
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    In 2019 I would say something like guest posting done correctly and correctly bough high quality links everywhere for example. I do not understand what is really going on here. Something like low quality forum links also helps a lot really here.
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    Listen off-Page SEO is still working in 2019 but the methods are changed after Google shutdown his web crawler.

    In 2019, As we can see that there are few task that are really work's great like Question's and Answer's in Yahoo or Quora, Guest posting on high traffic sites, Blog commenting is like a hidden key to increase your rank in Google search engine, Business listing or also know as local/business submission in local state sites, Classifieds are also a great way to collect genuine traffic & you can also do one extra task is Review submission, this is not that much helpful but it might be a tricky one because you can submit some good review in your google's listing and in any other business listing it helpful to gain more trust for your new customer's.

    These are like a back bone task in off-Page, if you are doing in perfect manner then these task can give you double or triple traffic.
    Ace Web Experts - Providing Advisory in Following:
    Local SEO | Digital Marketing | Website Development
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    Social bookmarking is an Off-page SEO Techniques, where you can submit your article, images, videos, and web-pages links on various websites. this is the fast & great way to generate authority backlinks for your website.
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  • In SEO Off Page you there is one common mistake that most people are doing and that is that they are creating a direct anchor and that is not good for your site SEO. Search Engine doesn't like SEO. It ranks a site according to backlinks generated by the customes not the users. Like different people on the web on different site are talking about your website/work and it is not user-generated backlinks.
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    off page seo techniques 2019, which are very important for website ranking such as
    Social Bookmarking.
    Directory Submission.
    Classifieds Submission.
    Blog Web 2.0 Submission.
    Article Submission.
    Press Release Submission.
    Infographics Submission.
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