Why does Google behave annoying? My site has died

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Since march 2019, It been too much surge in rankings of Google.

Sometimes traffic goes up and sometimes it goes down.

Back in September 2018, I decided to change my domain. As I place 301 redirection to new domain, I saw some traffic improvement. I was happy.

But not long from now... I Again decided to move from HTTP to HTTPS and within 2 months I lost all my traffic.

And now, I am at the point where I was 2 years ago.

It is so hard. Even some of my articles are still on first page but I am still getting only 10 to 15 clicks from google.

What's the matter... Please let me know how to tackle with this situation.

Why google is popping up the bullshit results on top? Ranking 10 years old article for the same query.

Why Google is not giving the fresh content?

(*My site has over 100+ High quality unique articles. I am doing proper SEO excepting creating backlinks. )
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      Originally Posted by cbpayne View Post

      What is the site?
      My site is https://beginnersblog.org
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  • Hi,

    Maintain the same URL structure as much as possible
    Optimize all content
    Reexamine your keyword strategy
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    You site isn't properly optimized. You got a D score on Pingdom with 2.43 seconds load time and 12 points out of 100 on PageSpeed insights (on mobile). That is bad, and is going to derank you no matter how great the content is.

    Don't use the same tags and categories. Go at Yoast blog and find that page with recommended SEO settings. Apply all of them!

    Someone publishes your entire content. Look at this Redirect HTTP To HTTPs In WordPress: 11 Easy Steps To Follow [Advanced Guide] - www.test-net.org

    This happens because your feed has the entire content of your posts without any protection. Every feed should have a linkback towards you, so when a website copies your content, you still get credit. Yoast SEO again helps with this.

    From RSS part of Yoast plugin:
    "RSS feed settings
    This feature is used to automatically add content to your RSS, more specifically, it's meant to add links back to your blog and your blog posts, so dumb scrapers will automatically add these links too, helping search engines identify you as the original source of the content."

    And these are just few problems I found in 5 minutes of scanning. I am sure I will find plenty more on your Onsite SEO.

    I'd say forget about backlinks and improve your site if you want better rankings. This is a valuable lesson for everyone.

    It's not Google's fault, is yours for neglecting Onsite SEO.
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      Hey, thanks for your detailed analysis. Back in days, I was using CDN but now I am not using anything. I will be activating CDN soon.

      Thank you so much
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    Yes, Google has marked a lot of websites this year. Check your content structure and keyword strategy to remove unnecessary actions against your website.
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    Your Website SEO is Ok but not good.
    Do some works on Keywords Consistency and optimize the keywords.
    Amount of Content is Good but Keywords are not properly distributed or added.
    Images are not optimized
    Build some quality backlinks to your website from the same niche websites.
    The webpage size exceeds the limit that is recommended, kindly fix the issue.

    And, as you said it is because of SSL. NO SSL doesn't impact rankings as people think it is. SSL has the .1% role in rankings.
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  • may be your website ranking upon very low volume keywords. You need to do proper keyword research. Try to choose long tail and short tail keywords both. Along with that make your website more user intent. May I know whats the bounce rate..?
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    The simple solution is not to rely on Google. Every time they make changes they send tens of thousands of websites to no-mans-land.
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    A lot of good advices here really, your site is really bad and slowly loaded and why do you need HTTPs in your case ? Why to change domain to make what if not talking about simply abusing the system and so on ? What do you really propose ?
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