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When you submit an article to ezinearticles or any number of article directors do you need to backlink the article to get it into a better rank?
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  • Only if the links are from high quality sites that are crawled. Otherwise you are wasting your time. It's much too time consuming to generate volume links.

    Figure out a strategy of sites that you can use over and over to quickly link back to your articles. Then implement that strategy.

    Quality before quantity.
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    Yes, backlinks will help you rank higher, then you just ping and bookmark your backlinks.
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    If you are asking about Google ranking then the simple answer is: yes, the same rules apply to EA as to all other sites.

    Don't forget about the rankings listed under each of the ezine articles (most viewed, most published). You will get more traffic if you rank well there.
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      You do not need to back link the article again, but you can link it to another article (that is yours) that is relevant.

      This way, you will increase the views in the other articles and thus increase the ranking at the same time.
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    It depends on where you want to rank, and how many links your competitor has...

    Normally, any keywords with allintitle:keyword less than 200 will be able to rank on page 1, even without backlinks...

    In summary, just do 100 links at a time, using High PR backlinks like Angela or NLB, track your page movement and add more links until it reaches page 1.

    Powerful Indexer That Makes Your Backlinks Count ==> Nuclear Link Indexer

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    Ok i need to check cos i'm a real turkey with backlinks. If I bookmark an eza articles to 50 social bookmarking sites like Digg etc, do they not count as back links also?

    If i'm linking to an article in a profile like Angela links am I just dropping the url in for my website??

    I bookmarked all pages and posts on my site thinking I added like 50 links to them all.
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