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by madlee
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I am running a wordpress website. Yesterday i found that Google has started indexing a lot of pages of my websites that has not been created/published.

Same content is showing on those pages too. I want to disallow links starts from ?widgetCacheId
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    Create robots txt file and add below code:-

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /?widget

    But those links are already crawled and indexed then implement noindex tag and robots txt both
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    In robots.txt file use below syntax:

    User agent:*
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    "For this robots.txt will be handy. In this file, there is a syntax called disallow. This syntax instructs google crawler which page has to be crawled and which not.
    Like this
    Disallow: /sub-expired.html
    Disallow: /pricing-holiday-season-2016*
    If you get deep in robots file, you can also select a specific crawler as well.
    Or you can use meta tags
    < meta name=""robots"" content="" noindex, nofollow ""/>
    This meta tag can be added to the HTML source code of a web page to suggest to search engines (most notably Google) to not include that particular page in its list of search results"
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    Create a list of links to disavow. You need to assemble your list of links to disavow in a text file that you will upload to Google. Link file format: Specify one URL or domain to disavow per line.
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    HI Friends
    Follow these steps:
    Go to the disavow links tool page.
    Select your website.
    Click Disavow links.
    Click Choose file and choose the file you created.
    It can take a few weeks for Google to process the information that you upload.
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