Doubts about Physical Silo Internal links and homepage links

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I´ve made a Physical silo with a main post and some close related child posts.

a) I´ve linked the main post to 1-2 child posts is this bad?
b) I´ve linked all the silo´s main posts from the home sidebar, since i ´ve read that they should stay there.
c) should all the child post link between them? i mean, every child post link to all other child posts in their Silo (they already link the main post of the Silo). I´ve made some links for example if there are 4 child posts they link to 1-2 other child post, but i think that maybe they should like to all of them and the main post in the Silo

I´ve read from a lot of sources of SILOing but sometimes there are a bit confusing

Kind regards!!
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