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Hello all,

I'm a beginner in SEO, so for now i'm trying to improve the ranking of my personal website, one of the ways i chose to do is by backlinking.

To explain better, i develop different websites for several clients, and they allow me to put a link in the footer pointing to my personal website on which i offer my services.

That been said, my question is:
- Will it make a difference and have an impact on SEO if the text link pointing to my website is under the acronyme of JD instead of John Doe ?

For those who are sure of the impact of such action, i would appreciate if you would enlighten me !

Thank you
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    It won't make a difference no matter what you put. It is considered link spam if you do not nofollow the link -
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    I personally don't think it will make any difference as it will considered as spam link
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    NO matter what text you use, It's not spammy if you nofollow the link. That removes the manipulation.
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    nofollow the link!
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    You should be fine if you nofollow the link
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    That method is better used for promoting your services than improving SEO ranking.

    You can also have a different twist to that by using different terms and possibly target keywords for different sites you place them on.

    It's only going to make huge impact when those sites become an authority otherwise it's no different than an article directory link.
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    I don't think it wont make any difference
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    Having a footer on your clients websites is a very good way of having backlinks. This will only grow traffic and domain authority of your website so you want to guarantee that you get traffic from there. Using your actual name in the scenario will show professionalism instead of a shorter text. Make sure that you also write a short description like "created by : link" so if someone is interested, they check you out.
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    Nofollow the link, if you do this it will not pass the link juice...
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    To maximum results, you can combine both of backlink types, do follow and no follow. And for the comparison is 90 : 10 (90% do follow) and (10% is no follow). You can check it your backlink quality through online services to checking your backlink.
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  • I don't think it will make any difference as it will be considered as spam link.
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    it wont make any more difference
    backlinks from the relevant sites with good DA will have better effect and will lead to good seo ranking
    having backlinks with anchor link will help more than putting the link in the footers

    (if there is any correction please do let me know the changes)
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    Try to focus on keyword and not on other words it will surely help you to improve your ranking in SERP.
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  • Hi,

    It will not affect on your website, but still, you are thinking about this issue, you can no follow that URL.
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    You should be fine if you nofollow the link
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