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Hello guys. I have some questions regards to my local business and how to properly title and rank my website. Here is what I do. My top 3 main services:

- Vinyl & Signs
- Web Design
- Custom Logos

I help lots of different businesses here in my area who are either just starting up, or if they dont have at least one of the following above. I am currently using Facebook mainly to find business. And a lot of it is word of mouth. But I do get some calls here and there from googling my name, but its pretty much just somebody wanting a t-shirt made...

Now, how should I go exactly trying to rank my website for those following services? I want my name to be the first one to pop up if someone in my area is typing in Web Design, or vinyl lettering. Right now its just larger companies or shops that everyone else goes to... What do I need to do exactly to get that fixed?

How exactly should I be titling my website so it helps with rankings? I see some people who have just their business name in the title, but others have keywords/phrases with the separation mark. Is there any certain order I should be using for my titles? What about descriptions?

Feedback would be much appreciated!
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    Use Keywords in your URL
    Update your content
    Make your website mobile friendly
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      My site is mobile friendly. And I publish blog content here and there.

      Im mainly interested to see how exactly I should be setting up my website titles and descriptions.
      Vinyl Signs & Web Design in Ocala, FL.
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    also you can use google map to rank on it for people whom search for your keywords
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    in addition to using keywords in your website, you can do on-page and off-page optimization. you can also tap a freelancer or virtual assistant to do the job for you.
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    Hello bsurb

    When you say your "local business", what do you mean? Is "local" a town, area or city, and what is the base population?

    If you know nothing about SEO it is fairly unlikely that you can gain first place ranking by yourself, or even first page ranking for that matter. It is much more than Titles and Descriptions. It also depends on your competition and how well they have done their SEO.

    Local ranking is reasonably easy if you know what you are doing, but you still have to beat out your competition, someone has to lose their ranking for you to gain it. If we are doing SEO for a local business, one of the ways we can virtually guarantee them first page ranking (after 3 or 4 months) is by running a PR campaign on high authority sites. If your competition is not doing the same you can easily out rank them.

    But often my answer to trying to rank websites in the first 3 slots is why bother? (and we offer SEO services. lol) But if you are not in the 3 pack you are not going to gain much anyway.

    We have built a US$20 + Million a year full service Agency, and we actually hide our websites from the search engines. That will likely sound very strange but we base our model on principals of war, and especially on a 2,500 year old book called the Art Of War written by a Chinese General, Sun Tzu. One of his main concepts was to stay hidden from the enemy but keep them in close view. So our take on that is that we stay hidden from our competitors (so they don't know what we are doing, and in most cases even who we are) but we can follow them closely, keep track of them via their websites, have them give us all their latest moves by subscribing to their newsletters and so on. Even phone them up and get our questions answered. lol. This gives us competitive advantage, then we use the German concept of Blitzkrieg to roll right over them.

    In operating this way we obviously have to have another way of gaining clients. We find it much easier to approach potential clients ourselves, rather then sitting around hoping they will find us. Just some food for thought, we like to be in control of our own fate, not to be at the mercy of Google.

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    Have you set up a Google My Business profile? It's simple, but it's a quick way to get to the top of the search results via the maps.
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  • Register with google my business
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    Get the local listings business sites from Google and begin with listings on your local website.
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    Do local listing and business listing of your business. That will improve your local ranking.
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    To rank any local business you have to follow the Off page SEO rules and work on it regularly.
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      Yes! You are absolutely right. Thank you so much for your post.
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    Update title and description with keywords and do business listings and local listings this will help you to rank in local business.
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    You have to include your targeted keywords into the Title & Description tags of your services page so that Google will crawl and index it periodically. In the mean time, you can build links pointing to your website so that your keyword rankings will be improved.
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  • Hey Bsurb

    To rank locally you should know about local SEO. Local SEO is the improvement of your online presence so you can be found in limited inquiries.
    You can optimize for local SEO by doing some on-page optimization.
    1. Set Up Your Website Structure To Rank Landing Pages
    2. Optimize Your Title Tags, Meta Description, Headers, and Content
    3. Display Your NAP In Schema Format On Your Website (NAP means Name, Address, and Phone number)
    4. Embed a Google Map
    5. Include Reviews & Testimonials

    By following these steps you can rank locally.
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    If you want to best rank your business in local search, its recommended to use optimise keyword with your business location inside the keyword. For example : Your custom logo business is Montreal, you can optimise writing article regularly with keyword targeted contain your locations, such as "where to order custom logo in Montreal" or "cheap custom logo in Montreal", or Montreal custom logo with cheap price", etc. Do this tips regularly in your article, and then connected you site with analytics. Within 1-2 month, your site its get indexed on search engine. Hope this advice can help your local business site rank.
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    Local SEO is an incredibly effective way to market your local business online. It helps businesses promote their products and services to local customers at the exact time they're looking for them online. Local SEO is the act of optimizing your businesses online presence so that you show up in those local searches.
    1. Search for high volume keywords
    2. Make sure your site is mobile friendly
    3. Include your location in your URL
    4. Write high-quality, long-form content
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  • 1. Use Yoast on website and follow directions.
    2. Claim and optimize GMB (your Google My Business Site)
    3. Hire someone to get citations for your GMB.
    4. Create individual Services pages for your website
    5. Create location pages for your website if you service more than one town.
    6. Write 1-2 high quality blog posts per month and link them to each other.
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    You can use Google Maps and SEO.
    This is a very effective way to promote local business in a narrow circle. And also use the social networks of the local region of your business.
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  • Hi,
    You can do local listing, modify your website content, Google mapping and target local market with the use of local ranking keywords.
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  • Hi,

    As you want to rank in local listing . There are so many options available for you.

    You can do it you itself by listing in local directory
    you may hire some one for you local listing it may chargeable
    You can choose any agency to do your work

    While do you need to research the best suitable Keyword and Key phases that help your business use them.


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    Use Clickbank combine with wordpress.
    1. Find Niche/Offer (Free)
    2. A Quick Website (Free)
    3. Find Traffic (Free)

    You can see my blog/website as a sample.
    Make Maoney Online
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