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I have a site on Weebly. To have an other language version of this website, I know I could use subdomains.

For example:

and with the original English site as just

But, my understanding is that subdomains are considered by search engines as independent sites. Thus, when the original English site is ranking already, creating a subdomain is not optimal for SEO.

The new language version of the site will be considered by search engines as a new website. It might take months or years to achieve the ranking I already have with the original site. Naturally, I want the new language version to have the same ranking as the original site. I don't want to wait a long time to achieve this.

And, creating different language pages in the same directory is even worse for SEO. In this case, we could potentially hurt the ranking of the original site.

My understanding is that the best option would be to use the same domain with a different directory for the other language version. Unfortunately, this feature is currently not available on Weebly.

Is my understanding of this problem correct? If so, what is the most optimal solution?
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  • If your website is on WordPress then many plugins available which help you to provide Multilingual on your website.
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    i think, your understanding is correct.
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    you just edit Tag Alternate URLs for each pages of your site, google will know which pages to correct country
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    Maybe you should make a new website with a sub domain & provide a link of that website on the original ranked website.
    In this way you will achieve you goals as well as you require.
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    i think, your understanding is correct also.
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    decide if you need other language SEO
    plan out your strategy
    multilingual content
    choose domain structure and URL structure.
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    For various reasons I have always prefered a subfolder instead of a subdomain. instead of

    There are pros and cons to both and a lot of debate about which is better for SEO.

    In reality no matter how you do it Google will treat the subdomain or subfolder as a separate site. I wouldn't stress over it because there is no way to get around it. Ranking for keywords in English is not going to help you when you want to rank for keywords in another language. You have to do the SEO for those language keywords on another page anyway.
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    You can buy different domain. It will be more easier to manage and optimize
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    Why even go for weebly or something like that ? Weebly do allow subdomains ? Then use it with prefix yes. And If not it's even better to use completely different domain in completely different language anyway. I do not see how it's done here.
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    Checkout the plugin "translate press"
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    Directory is better than a subdomain. Probably you may find some Weebly plugin for your website.

    Best and worst brands, reviews from real customers -

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    Yes it is as simple as 1,2,3. all you need are plugins that can help you have the website in a different language. I don't think google will penalise you for that.
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