Are you sending wasted PR to your Privacy Page?

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A Privacy Page is definitely a good thing to have on a website, and if you are using Adsense, its a very important requirement. But I just checked one of my single page keyword sites (a single page about the niche, then the boilerplate about, contact, privacy of course) and looked at the keyword density in Google webmaster tools.

It turns out my keywords are nearly split evenly between my privacy page and my home page (which only talks about my main keyword phrase). If you've seen the length and scope of an adsense oriented privacy page, you can imagine how the content and word count could quickly dominate over the home page content from the same niche site.

Even though I'm doing extremely well in the SERPS for several sites that have similar keyword densities in comparison to their privacy page, I'm wondering if I could perhaps do even better with a more skewed keyword distribution towards my niche keywords. I'm actually surprised I'm not ranking for legal terms with all the verbage I'm seeing in GW, LOL

I suppose the converse of this argument is that the presence of the privacy policy keywords might be the only thing keeping me from potentially overstuffing on the main niche keyword. Its an interesting thought.

So I'm curious what your experiences are with this topic...

And that's what got me thinking about this, and led me to this article:

Matt Cutts Interviewed by Eric Enge on September 24, 2007

Which is an interview with Google's Matt Cutts in which he discusses, among other things, how PR is transferred between pages on a site. Thus the title of this thread became: Are you sending wasted PR to your Privacy Page?

So I suppose there are (at least) two primary issues for discussion here...

(1) If you have a one page niche microsite, should you no/follow no/index your privacy page it in order to prevent it from diluting your niche keywords with all its legalese language and disclaimers...

(2) If you don't do (1) above, are you sending wasted PR to your privacy page?
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    Good post,

    When I setup my first static XFactor site, what I did was make the contact, privacy page nofollow. What happened next was VERy strange. Google only indexed these pages and it took nearly 2 weeks for the other pages ot get indexed and finally get ranked.

    Really weird. I also believe that you're probably wasting juice on these pages but it seems like G are discontinue PR anyway so what the hell.


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