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How much weight does Google give to the relevance/focus of a website to a niche/topic?

For example, suppose "Running" is my niche, but my site is just dedicated to running on treadmills.

Suppose I have 50 pages, all oriented towards information about running on treadmills.

Then suppose a much larger site that's focused on "Fitness" also has 50 pages that are dedicated to running on treadmills. But that site also has 300 other pages that are dedicated to other fitness topics.

Does Google give weight to my highly focused (just info about running on treadmills) website? Can the smaller but much more focused site get farther with less links than the much more broad "Fitness" site?
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    Although the size of the site is still important, I believe having quality content can easily make Google happy. Good backlinks, SEO, SEM, etc will help your site.
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    From my opinion and research work on your UX and your content.

    As per your example of a running site, when looking at specific keywords many times the keyword is not even in the content but somehow Google figures out that your a running site.

    Since Google has been using clickstream technology and AI, I am in the opinion that how a person uses your site has a correlation for ranking better if they click items and pages that lead to other pages as relevancy for ranking signals.

    Better yet let's say your content is so so, and your competitor has superior content. But your website gets people to click to another page or even click to buy an item vs the other website who is better SEO'd better content but users do not click anything or buy.

    I'm suspecting that you would be more relevant because the person who landed on your page found something that was relevant to them and bought.

    For years Google has been mentioning that eventually backlinks will be downplayed not eliminated but not as strong ranking signal.

    The only way this could be is a technology break thru where they can see mouse movements, clicks actual activity on your pages.

    The dark horse to this is Chrome, which no one really says much about.

    Chrome in my opnion feeds, clickstream technology and I would be willing to bet some form of heatmap is built into chrome.

    For me it makes sense they can see all pages visited, mouse movements, pages visited the whole gambit of user interactions of webpages all of this is fed into Artificial Intelligence to make sense of this.

    So make sure you build your pages with a good UX and get them to click something.

    You can see examples of this all over the web for bigger sites, many times you will see abbreviated articles with click here to read more opening up the page or sending you somewhere.

    The foodnetwork industry is famous for this.

    Try to get a recipe almost all the time you can't without some form interaction with the site.

    I like the saying from Jay Abraham about many times the problem you have for your niche has already been solved in another niche.
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    Seems to me if you only publish super targeted, valuable content on one topic, to your site, The Google gods favor you M. I observe my experience. Hyper focused, niche sites tend to land on page 1 when I search for stuff. But most sites that do not specialize as much tend to drop to page 2 and deeper because the site strays, and has not great authority. My 1 cent from my search experience on Google.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad at Blogging From Paradise
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