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We have a car community that has every car brand forum and also a dedicated advice section.

As per our new SEO audit, we have identified tons of medium to the long-tail keyword that we like to focus on our content strategy.

Where should we better place these for higher ranking and exposure?
-> Forum, will be better for others to contribute as well and make it more comprehensive over time.
-> Advice section will be better for keeping the quality control that we might not get always in the forum due to user-generated content.

Also, I like to know if there any special preference or negative point SE gives for /forum content...?

Thanks in advance.
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    Why not both?
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    You can post in both places. Advice section, I am guessing it's a blog, right? Publish mainly articles there.

    And just link back those articles from forum.. You can also post the articles preview in the forum and link back saying "Continue Reading" and other what nots.
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      Advice section is again user-generated advice but for those level of users who have some great knowledge to share. Really specialized knowledge on some specific area of interest. Advice section is moderated and curated, forums aren't.

      Backlinking advice in the forum is a great idea and we do that usually, but these medium tail keyword importance and volume is not so big that it will look nice in doing that much of ping pong.

      If you have to choose one area, which one you will pick...?
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        Originally Posted by gkhanna View Post

        Advice section is moderated and curated, forums aren't.

        If your forum isn't moderated properly. Then trust me it will be soon a lost cause.
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    Both places G. But as you do so, think through how you want to serve humans doing this stuff buddy. Sometimes, we focus on long tail keywords and give out energy to these things when we see most success by giving most energy to having fun helping human beings. Then, give a little energy to peppering in SEO keywords and other stuff, and you will be golden. I dig doing SEO this way because it puts people first and pleases Google dogs, being human-centric and also adding SEO details for book-keeping purposes.
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    Yes, I agree with the rest that you should try both. If you post an interesting intro on the forum, people will not hesitate to click the link. Ensure that it takes them to your website where they can have a share of the full meat.
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    as far as my knowledge of concern, you should do both places also Find out other ways to boost traffic. Like found out high searches traffic & add those question in the advice section.
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    Forum and Advice both are different offpage SEO activities . In the forum anyone create a topic and all the participant discuss about that. In the advice activity we post a question and all the participant provide advice as per their opinion.
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    Many communities do it such way. They publish an article and discuss it on forum with subscribers. So, as most of us already mentioned y the best way is to do both.
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    So is it considered a duplicate content?
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    If you want to have control and keep a tab on everything, then the advise section will work. But what is your goal? I think you should consider having it on both forums and blogs.
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