Google replacing Voice Search with Google Assistant

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Google replacing 'Voice Search' on Android with Google Assistant

According to Search Engine Land, it's a case of goodbye voice search, hello Google Assistant. The company is swapping out the familiar blue and red mic in favour of its Assistant on the home screen of Android handsets.

The article goes on to report that Google is looking to replace basic speech-to-text voice recognition with the technically superior Assistant:

"Assistant is a part of Google's new AI-first approach. At Google's developer conference in 2017, CEO Sundar Pichai declared the company was shifting its orientation from 'mobile-first' to 'AI-first.' The difference is the multi-platform emphasis and the expanding capabilities of the Assistant, which is more conversational, and potentially transactional, (e.g. Duplex) than ordinary search."
Google Assistant already lives on one-billion devices worldwide. It's become Google's premium product over all devices and platforms, and the company views Assistant as being its cross-device weapon in the fight for long-term dominance over its rivals.

Mobile Search Results are Changing

Earlier in 2019, Google started testing ads within Assistant results. Back in April, they confirmed paid-search ads would be shown "when relevant" by the Assistant.

Not only that but 'traditional mobile search results' look like disappearing. Google Assistant seeks to give users 'answers.' Increasingly, those answers are accompanied by visual information - rather than a list of links, as we've become accustomed to with search results.

Adobe recently found that 48% of consumers are using voice for "general web searches." Those numbers will only increase as the Assistant gradually becomes more widely used by people to access information on mobiles.
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    This looks like a serious upgrade. Good deal.
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    I think this is a good upgrade. However, with all the tech upgrades going on, are we still in control over what we do in our phones? Considering google assistant can track your activity.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    In a year or so SEO will not be as it is today. Let's keep the track. Voice searches are getting stronger in the Big player's platform, Amazon, Yahoo, and Adobe seem to be dedicated to change the rules... Again!
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    I believe it is going to redefine the SEO game plan. It may take some time more than a year before we get there.
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    the competition is getting cutthroat and those who fail at adapt will suffer tremendously.
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    Our obsession with the smartphones is growing day by day and talking to them through commands like "Hello Google", "Alexa" and "Hey Siri" for internet browsing, launching applications, etc.
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    This is good news.
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    How would this affect voice search optimization?

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    Google's old Voice search does have its fans and works in more languages, but the future is clearly the Assistant across all devices and surfaces. This is likely not an A/B test, but a permanent replacement. Google does not want to confuse users by offering two mostly similar experience to look up via voice.
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    Great upgrade.
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    Interesting read

    Thanks for sharing!
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