How to Rank on the first Google in Minutes with YouTube & Google Trends Keywords

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Did you know that you can use Google Trends to find highly searched for keywords that you can use to rank your YouTube videos quickly (within a matter of minutes) on the first page of Google?

How is this done? Well go to Google Trends, select a search for the "past 7 days", enter a search term (eg: scam) and a list will pop up showing the most popular terms being searched for in Google in the last 7 days. Target those keywords that have "Breakout" next to them, as those are the ones that are currently going viral.

Next, craft a YouTube video around that keyword and optimize the title, description, tags, etc of the video. Note: It is very important to optimize your video, if you miss this step, the video may not rank.

If you do things right, your video should show up on the first page of Google for that keyword, and loads of traffic will follow.

The spike in traffic will be short term (depending on how many days the keyword remains popular). However, it will be very targeted traffic.

TIP: Make Your Audience Engage with your video to get it going viral on YouTube as well. You can do this by adding clips to the video telling your viewers to "comment" their experiences below the video, like your video, etc. Here is one video that got over 1,000 views in just a few days using this strategy:

Now, the final step is to monetize your video. Be creative, look for a CPA offer, clickbank product, or affiliate offer that matches the video's theme, and add it to the description.

What are your thoughts about this strategy?

It works, so try it out, come back, and let us know how many views your videos got in 24 hours!
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