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I'm making a website about some currently famous or previously famous people. The website is non commercial and serves to be of free use to anyone on the internet. When thinking about which people to list on the site first, and in what order in the future, I'm trying to determine the best ways to identify the desires of the general public.

I thought the Google Keyword Planner or a similar tool such as might give a reliable indication, but I just read a MOZ article which isn't particularly positive about the accuracy of these tools. Please can anyone comment on the value of these types of tools (particularly in this case being for a person's name as the search term, not a vague search query) or please suggest any other tool or metric which might be helpful to determine the public interest in any particular person?

Thank you
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    Unless you're looking to spend money, I would recommend sticking with Google Keyword Planner. You can also use sites such as KWfinder and SEMscoop but they have a daily limit to the amount of keywords you can analyze for free.

    I think that MOZ is a bit biased when it comes to this subject because they want you to pay for their keyword research tool. That being said, MOZ is great if you're willing to spend some money.

    No, Google Keyword Planner isn't perfect, but I think it's sufficient for determining the amount of public interest for a given keyword.

    Hope this helps,
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    I don't see why you should go into expenses. After all, you have indicated that it will be a fee website. So I advise you to stick on Google keyword planner.
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  • There are many Keyord tools such as Google Keyword Planner, my favorite is Jaaxy, with Jaaxy you can see how to rank better in major search engines, the amount of competition and rival competitors, you also get to see other related keyword phrases. A neat little tool.

    Neil Patel offers Ubersuggest as well which is a free tool to discover ranking keywords, I use them both for affiliate marketing but I am sure they can be used to discover famuos people for your website project.

    Hope this helps.

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      Thanks Ubersuggest is a great, simple to use tool. I'll have a look at Jaaxy
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    If all you want to search is a name then a free tool like wordtracker should be sufficient, since your objective isn't to uncover dozens or hundreds of related keywords to a particular term. I am understanding you just need to put a name and learn how many searches are performed each day/month for that name.

    And keyword tools are obviously reliable (Moz exaggerate & they don't provide an alternative to keyword tools). Obviously if it tells you 20,000 searches per month it's not 100% accurate. Every one doing SEO or keyword research uses keyword research tools, they're not 100% accurate (and data differs slightly from one tool and another) but they are the only tool we have to understand how many searches are performed each month in search engines.
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    Ahrefs offer quite a good keyword planner, but I dont think you will get better than Google to be honest and it's free!

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  • Google Keyword Planner should do the job and is free :-)
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    There are too many keywords searching tools that we can use but if you want to go only with free then you can use Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool. You can also try Keywords Everywhere extension which is too good and give you search results so fast.
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      thanks mariearnett, I'll take a further look at KE, sounds good
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  • You have multiple options. Go for AHREF as it provides a more streamlined search for keywords. You can even track your pages and do competitor analyses as well.
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      thanks Joseph. AHREF looks great but expensive. I think overkill for immediate needs, but maybe later.
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    There are many keyword search tools. I use Ahrefs. For me, it best shows more keywords.
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      hi JUnderwood, Ahrefs looks great. I see/think that it's one of the best keyword tools, I'll look at that again when looking for a more clever product.
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    The keyword planner is good in my opinion
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