What do you have to do to please google?

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I had an affiliate product that I was promoting recently and getting around 50 clicks a day with over 2% CTR, which is ok, but suddenly overnight all my impressions stopped.

Checking my keywords, they all showed as "rarely shown due to low quality score", yet not a word from google as to why great results one day and then none the next!!

What do we need to do, apart from the obvious "improve your quality" reply?

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    Have you got a landing page, Ian?

    Or are you direct linking?

    Not promoting right now

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    Just lately I have been hearing alot of information about how google dont like replicated pages most likely this is what could be resulting in your low quality score, much better to have your own page targetted to what your promoting and target your ad more to the keywords you are bidding for on adwords and you should see a better quality score

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      Well, affiliates really can not please Google. They don't like affiliates. But you can annoy them less by having a full site rather than just a landing page. For example put the landing page on a Wordpress blog and make lots of good content, put some videos and an rss feed, etc. then have a landing page in the same domain (but no visible links from the landing page to the blog). Then Google thinks you've got a real site and you're not just an affiliate trying to pull a fast one on their users without offering value. (That's not how I see you, but that's how Google sees us)

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        Hi Ian,

        The primary component of Quality Scores is your CTR as compared to the average of other advertisers for the same keyword. The relevance of your keywords, ad text and landing pages are important, as well as quality and load speed of your landing pages. AdWords will give you some indication of which component of your Quality Score is causing your poor score.

        Dig a little deeper and report back here what you discover. We can try to help you further!
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    Thanks for the advice and information.

    I have a separate domain name which I have been sending leads straight to the sales page of the product from.

    I guess I am going to have to set up either a blog for each product or a mini-site, am I correct here?

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    Usually they prefer a deep tissue massage with happy ending

    (this is a joke, by the way)

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

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