How to remove same business listing appearing for two different business?

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I have two different business names - 1 for B2B customers (don't have website) and another for B2C customers for which I have a website and it is SEO optimized. Let suppose one B2B business name starts with "E" and B2C business start name with "B". For better authenticity of physical location, I have mentioned the name of "B along with (E) on Google Business Listings (Google Places)

Now, if a Google search is done with business name "E", then my business listing (Googles places knowledge graph) with name "B" which is for B2C customers is appearing. But I don't want this listing to show up for "E" since I want to keep the two names separate. Is there any way to block my listing appearing for business "E"?

Is any alternate solution apart from removing "E" from business name which I have mentioned in Business listing for "B"
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