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Hi all,

i am still quite new to this and had been wanting to ask.
The % exit means how many visitor actually exited from that particular page rite

for example has unique visitor of 10 and % exit is 20% basically it means 2 out of 10 exited from that page. Hope i get it right up to here?

As i am selling clickbank product from my page ie:a presales page(3 page in fact so by the time it reaches the page where i transfer user to the clickbank selling page it will not be shown as a bounce), my question is this:

Does exit means clicking on my link to the click bank product
ie: 2 out of the 10 went to the sales page for the product from my page or meaning we would want a high exit rate

or does exit mean the other way round?
ie: 8 out of the 10 went to the sales page while the other 2 just closed their browser or went somewhere else?meaning we would want a low exit rate?
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    Well, exit rate means the % of visitors to that page who leave your site from that page. So if the exit rate is 20%, that means 2 out of 10 people who visited that page leave your site from that page. 8 out of 10 continued browsing somewhere else on the site.

    But it doesn't necessarily mean those 2 people went to your clickbank product. It could mean that they closed the browser window and exited the site that way, or they hit the back button until they left your site (because the back button doesn't take them to new pages, only ones they've already visited).

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