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Hi Guys

When in Google you enter a KW or phrase and then hit the space bar and hit an 'a' Google provides additional KW Phases accordingly. You can proceed with b,c, d etc.... to get further suggestions Is there any software out there that will provide the following.

1. Enter KW or keyphrase
2. The software initially to provide say the top 10 results list
3 Then a list of say 10 for a
4 Then a list of say 10 for b

and so on and so forth.
I understand the OLD Ubersuggest used to be able to do this a few years ago but not now.

These lists can then be copied and pasted into various other software for further SEO research.

Is there anything currently out there which will do this?


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    Google keyword phrase suggest in search results would be more appropriate compared to other tools because it provide real time results for the users.
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      Yes, I know the one you mean but you cant copy a list, only one KW/phrase at a time. Also, that would be very very time consuming doing that from A-Z. I was looking for a piece of software that would provide a list you could copy like the old Ubersuggest.
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    That is one tool I have been looking for, and from memory there was one site that done that, but for the life of my my cotton pickin socks I can not find it again.


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