How Can I get a Good Quality Score on an Opt In Page?

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I realize this is an age old question -- its just that I've not asked it recently or seen much on it.

I have a site that ranks int he top ten of google for keywords. The domain is over a year old. It gets traffic, and has tons of content.

I am trying to make opt-in landing pages tailored specifically for the keyword.
I have terms of service, contact us, outbound links to Wikipedia, the keyword in the body, title, tags, etc.

But the QS is still at 4/10 ! Its SO FRUSTRATING.

Are there any products that will tell how to beat this, or is this still one of the biggest mysteries in the internet marketing universe?
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    Could anyone give a friend a hand here?
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    the highest I got on a landing page was a 9

    here is how I did it.

    I used a wordpress blog disguised as a opt in site

    A little text but mainly just a video.

    I Optimized the page using all in one seo plug in and started to build some backlinks to get it indexed.

    I optimized it for the keyword I was going to be bidding on and only had a few keywords in the ad group

    I also added terms of service pages and in there linked to facebook and wikipedia

    I noticed a higher quality score after the the page indexed in google.

    With yahoo though you dont have to worry about all that stuf
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      I've also heard that adding a privacy policy and "terms of service" is a good idea... and yes, I've also used the wordpress page with a sales page theme installed. The highest quality score I got was a 7.

      But, with that being said, I never linked to Facebook or any other site. Does that really help? I'm interested in knowing the theory behind that one.

      Maybe the video gave you a boost?

      Hmmm.... Now where did I put my Flip Video Recorder???

      I'm currently taking MASSIVE action...

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        I haven't done PPC for 6 months but what used to get me great quality scores was putting one or two keyword rich articles at the very bottom of my landing pages. Way down at the bottom.

        Have your standard copyright/footer info and then at least a page worth of white space before the articles. People rarely scroll down to read them but Google will see them.
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    Ok I'll try that stuff.... thanks guys..
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      I get 7, 8, 9 for almost all my keywords. If I can't I drop the keyword after a specific time.

      I have always had a blog attached to the opt-in page. I churn out articles related to the product I am trying to sell. You a php script and rss feed to import the html into your site. This way your page is always fresh to Google.

      I have all the pages mentioned above - but never had a link to facebook. I normally have a twitter php scripts running so when I update twitter while the campaign is running, the landing page is updated. This make the page seem fresh to. I think you really need 10 pages at least.

      You mentioned you added the keywords in the text and all the right tags and I am sure you made the text interesting and readable.

      Watch your ctr. This is very important to the longer term qs. They lower it goes the lower your qs will go. Use a variety of long tail keywords

      Make sure you split your keywords into tight groups, and make a lp for each.

      And don't forget organic SEO. In the long term this only benifits your qs.

      Good luck
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