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We have a local SEO company In Dublin that owns few carpet cleaning websites, some power washing, window cleaning, painting companies, etc. But even if they have a very impressive list of customers, they rank very poor.

I do SEO for my own website and i am much better than they are. We are not talking of a dude in his attic, this is a professional website builder & SEO company with 15 staff. I had a look at 10-15 businesses managed by them. Very average positions. The level of SEO they provide for a package of 500 euro per month is truly impressive. But it does not provide results.

I reach my 1st position with regular blog postings & quality content. But content posting is only 1% of what they do.

So my question is, do they lie to people or SEO is now nonsense?

500 euro - Deal
-full website error repairs
-20 article postings per month
-50 links per month
-20 blog postings
-20 press releases
-1000 likes on facebook
-1 video per month - youtube

12 months later, page 1 but bottom of the page for their own website

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    I'd say that's one pile of spam and I wouldn't recommend it at all.

    I bet they also have a large list of technical SEO that they perform and most of it is kind of redundant, so at first sight it all looks impressive but personally I would stay away from such company.

    The main ranking factors are still content and backlinks but not just any links, and repeating a press release each and every month and 20 article postings (probably low-quality article directories or maybe even a private blog network is a definite no-go).

    SEO is no nonsense but what they are doing is a very outdated approach.
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      Originally Posted by SerpTrust View Post

      SEO is no nonsense but what they are doing is a very outdated approach.
      When I saw "press releases" I thought I had gone back in time (and even then those rarely worked)

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    Not to mention getting "1,000 Facebook likes", as if that has anything to do with SEO or that those Facebook likes are even from real people.
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    In order to lie, they'd have to know much of what they offer is not great or crap.

    A lot of people offer tiered links that involve thousands of crappy backlinks... But, if they create images/videos that float to the top of page one for local keywords, they get their clients visitors, buyers.

    They call it SEO but it's more like buying advertising. Essentially, none of their work does much for ranking a page on the main site high but some of the stuff they do ends up seen by the right people anyway.

    Think of it this way:

    You have a client in Milwaukee and you are shooting for, say, Shoe Store Milwaukee. You, the SEO company, create 10 videos for

    • Whitefish Bay
    • Fox Point
    • Merton
    • Elm Grove
    • Bayside
    Which you link to the owner's main site and 1000 links to each video and 2 or 3 of those videos will end up on page 1 for their keyword (Shoe Store Fox Point, for instance) and they happen to be close enough so they get a sale or 5 from the video.

    From the point of view of the business, all that matters is that they got sales, they don't care if it was because of SEO or because for a few days a video that was sold to them as part of SEO acted like an ad.

    That is, if the cost to make the sales was below their limit.

    What you are against is this: you could do better SEO but it does not matter. Best thing you could do is learn from this: it's not the tool that matters but the results. And the results for most businesses are sales with an acquisition price of $x or less.

    Getting someone to the top of Shoe Store Milwaukee takes more effort /resources than getting them a sale from a video that targets a neighborhood or suburb of Milwaukee.

    If I were you and in competition with those people, I'd rank my clients above them on the neighborhood / suburb level first (and, maybe, only).
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    You saw the rankings yourself. Their services are shit.
    For people who don't know what SEO is they might think it's a good deal. But if there's no improvement in SERP's then I would stop using their services in 6 months. Maybe less. It depends on their reports what have they done. Since I know SEO, it wouldn't take me months to evaluate the quality of their work.
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    It really depends on the quality of the work.
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    You will eventually lose the like states since most of the likes are paid one and after stopping the ads they tend to fall. Only the genuine one stays.
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    Out of interest have you checked their backlink profile? - strong possibility they are not really doing that volume of work if they are not achieving good results

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