Help! Bing/msn bot using huge load of my server

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I am facing a big problem with my server. I have a website that keeps getting massive page requests coming from "Bing/Msn" bot every second or two and the ip changes now and then. Which is putting a heavy load on my server.

My CPU is constantly over 90%

I tried to block the bot from htaccess and robots.txt but they don't seem to have any effect.

If anyone has an idea how to defeat this it would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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    Blocking your website from search engines is a pretty drastic move unless you don't care if it is ever found.

    Sure seems like those are not normal bot errors unless you have a ton of URLs that no longer exist. If so, you need to 301 them to the correct pages. If there are no relevant pages to 301 them to, remove them from Bing.

    The following link shows you how to do that -
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      Thank you for your help, that's good to know, i'm sure it might come up handy someday !

      For now what i did is i reduced the crawl rate of Bing and Google to the absolute minimum from "Search console" and i added the crawl rate also in the robots.txt file, plus i added wordfence to block any malicious bots that pass on as google and to block it if it exceeds a certain amount of requests within 1 minute.

      That gave me a great result and relieved the extra pressure from the server.

      Thank you !
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    The IP set to would be the University of California ( San Diego )

    Knowing that I can for certain say that it is NOT a Bing / MSN bot. To further add to not just me saying this is so ( )

    I would block the entire set for a period of time and call it a day.
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    Do you happen to have large files in your server?
    It's possible that your robots.txt file's directives are not being honored because of a formatting problem, Maybe!?

    Last, You could adjust Crwaler Speed from Bing Webmaster Tool Panel,
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