What is the main effect of BERT update in the micro niche site ?

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The impact of BERT is not sky-scraper but noticeable. It has brought change almost 10 % of queries in the organic ranking, according to Goggle. Now, what is the effect of BIRT update in business? Should the owner of the website optimize the content in different ways?

Danny Sullivan from Google, mentions that one should not optimize specifically for BERT.

SEO expert MSU says

"Don't try to optimize for BERT; try to optimize your content for humans."

Another SEO specialist says that writing the best content for the users means to write for BERT algorithm. There is nothing to think about and optimize from different aspects.

Having numerous comments like these on the BERT update is common. In the light of their comments, it is clear that one should think more about readers than BERT.

What is your opinion? Would you please share it?
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    If you notice since Google's birth, they are giving importance to the users. So, they want us to create a website for users which is fast, they want us to create content that is for users and not for machine/algorithms. So, we should not consider BERT or any other update while developing content or website. It is clear that we should always focus on usability while doing SEO, developing content or developing a website. If we do these for users, any Google update would not affect us in any way.
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    Bert only effects long queries (long-tail keywords), If you want to optimize for BERT focus on topic-based queries instead of keyword-based.
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