Can we have a greater impact on SERPs with SMO than SEO?

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According to most experts SEO is better than SMO when it comes to Google ranking. Is this true?
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    Originally Posted by Andrea Johnson View Post

    According to most experts SEO is better than SMO when it comes to Google ranking. Is this true?
    Activity on social media does seem to have a slight SEO benefit, but it's not really something to focus on for SEO reasons.

    For SEO focus on on-page, content, links.

    SMO is more about building your overall brand awareness and audience. If a potential buyer is researching whether or not to do business with you and you aren't active on social media, they might think twice about it.

    So I wouldn't think about SMO in terms of ranking gains at all, but I would be active on social for sure to grow my brand.
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    Originally Posted by Andrea Johnson View Post

    According to most experts SEO is better than SMO when it comes to Google ranking. Is this true?

    SEO is just a part of SMO... so one should focus on many aspects of SMO.
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    Social media signals are now integral part of SEO. No way to keep social media out of SEO now. One of our client site slipped on ranking and we managed to get it back at the top using social media.

    However, the old rules of SEO cannot be ignored. Social media alone is not going to have the desired result.
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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves the ranking of a website in a search engine from other websites. But in SMO (Social Media Optimization) you can get your target traffic from various social media platforms which ultimately increase leads & sales. Hence, both SEO and SMO are important.
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    yes, SEO is better than smo,
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    Originally Posted by Andrea Johnson View Post

    According to most experts SEO is better than SMO when it comes to Google ranking. Is this true?
    If you are talking about just Google ranking, compared to SMO, SEO is much important. With SEO, you try to get backlinks from relevant and high authority websites which can ultimately increase your organic ranking. While with SMO, you try to get more targeted visitors to your website through different posts and offers. So it won't have any direct impact on the Google Ranking. Thus, if you are focused on getting rank, do SEO for your website.
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    SMO also helps to get traffic on your website, but in the terms of SEO it is not so helpful because back-links generated by the social media are mostly no-follow back-links. SMO is helpful in the terms because some traffic from social media link forwarded to our site.
    So we can't say that SMO is not useful for our site, but we can say that it is not so much helpful for our site.
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    I would say both the techniques together will give you great results. Both Search engine optimization and social media optimization are very important when it comes to SERPs.

    SEO mainly focuses on improving the ranking of your website and driving more traffic through search engines like Google. Whereas SMO focuses on driving traffic via social media platforms. Both SEO and SMO operate on different platforms, but they do have an impact on one another.

    The main priority of both SEO and SMO is to drive traffic to your website. It makes sense that they should work together to bring as much traffic to your website as possible.

    According to a recent study, it was concluded that a larger presence on social media does gain a higher place on the SERPs. For example, if you search any popular brand name on google, it is more likely that their Twitter account will be listed within the first 5 results. This shows clear proof that social media optimization does have an impact on SERP's.

    Same way, if you are spending your time and money on SMO, directing people to your website from social media, then it is important that you have a high-quality website with good user experience. Driving visitors to a website with a poor user experience will just result in a high bounce rate. The user-friendliness of a website is part of SEO. Therefore, it is clear that both SMO and SEO have a great impact on SERPs
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    Yes, SEO will help to improve your page ranking by doing on-page and off-page optimization but not sure about generating leads. but Active in social media helps to grow your brand awareness and gets quality leads from SMO. It will help to drive more traffic to your site.
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  • Both are important, but SEO trumps SMO when trying to rank a web property on Google.

    However, If you're trying to rank a video highly on Youtube, then user experience signals are very important.
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    The main difference in both these two platforms are: In SEO you can get traffic from search engines and from other websites but, in SMO you can get traffic from social media websites. ... But for more and short term results, SMO is better than SEO and for long term results, SEO is better than SMO.
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    SEO includes every activity that helps with Search Engine Optimization, including SMO, backlinks, content, on-page, user experience, etc. SMO refers to optimizing for Social Media channels such as FB, Twitter etc. There is huge difference in between the basic purpose they both have. So really it all depends. On the outset SEO is definitely better aimed at improving Google rankings.
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  • They both have equal impact on google ranking.
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