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I've noticed that Google has been sandboxing all my new websites lately. I first noticed it with this site: Fast Food Recipes - The CopyCat Cookbooks

When it first got indexed it was ranked #5 for the term "fast food recipes" but now its not ranked at all for anything. It's still indexed, but its not showing up in the SERPS at all. It has almost 200 backlinks pointing at it according to Yahoo.

I thought maybe it was just a fluke, but now I've noticed its happening with all my new sites. I have launched 2 more sites since then that are indexed but not showing up in the SERPS.

What's going on? I'm spending a lot of time building links and writing articles for these sites and Google is just ignoring them. Has anyone else seen this?
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    Nobody? Any idea how I can fix this?
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      I've been having similar problems recently, although I don't think my or your sites are being sandboxed. It seems to me that Google is doing some major recalculating of their rankings at the moment and new sites, especially those with lots of backlinks built to them, are suffering I'm just hoping my sites come back up, because I know I've done enough to have them ranking high for their respective keywords. Just keep doing what you're doing, and hopefully they'll resurface
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        Hi hyperlite,

        A new web page has not yet yet stood the test of time and therefore has not yet earned trust. Trust rank has been a factor in ranking pages for several years now.

        Your initial good ranking was likely due to the temporary effect of the freshness factor (QDF). After the freshness factor wears off your page will fall in the rankings to it currently earned rank.

        There are at least a dozen posts similar to yours each and every month in this forum. Hang around a while and you will learn much.

        There is nothing you can do to avoid this effect, every page on every website is subject to the same effect. The effect is usually more noticeable with more competitive keywords. Just continue marketing and promoting your web pages and as your page and backlinks stand the test of time your rankings will improve.
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