Is changing URL impacts SEO ?

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Changing a piece of URL have any impact of Google ranking and How It effect rankings?
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    This question has been answered a thousand times. If you just have checked then you probably won't have to post.

    Anyway, you just have to properly 301 redirect of the old url to the new one. That should take care of your SEO.
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    Yes, changing the URL structure will impacts on your SEO rankings the majority of your rankings and traffic loss due to changing URL Structure. if you plan to move your website or change URLs, you just might end up losing. When redesigning a website, there is a good chance that your URL structure will change. SO you would need to do redirects to your new URL to the old one.
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    Originally Posted by pramodtapu View Post

    Changing a piece of URL have any impact of Google ranking and How It effect rankings?
    Yes, if you had any backlinks built to the old URL, then those backlinks will not count towards the new URL unless you do a 301 redirect. If your site starts to lose backlinks then it will drop in rankings.
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    URL is also the main reason for ranking if you change defiantly you will get the drop in your ranking.
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    Yes it will impact in google but you need to place 301 redirection because to avoid duplicate content.
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    301 Redirection solve all problem related to url break. use and solve
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    Yes...changing URL might be affecting your SEO. The URL and SEO are always closely combined. So changing URL will make an impact on your Google ranking. Using 301 redirects is a way to solve this issue.
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  • Yes, Somewhere it will impact your SEO.
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    No, you just need to implement the 301 redirection.
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    Yes, the bigger effect will happen if you are changing URL structure in your SEO process. Changing the URL structure always takes too much time to reprocessed and may lead to website visitors to error pages unless you do 301 redirect that should take care of your SEO process. So all you need to do is redirect to new URL to the old one.
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    Definitely yes, that's why there is a whole section of redirects in every SEO's dictionary. Your home has an address, right. People know that you belong to that address. Now imagine all of a sudden you change your address, you know that you have changed it, but how will everyone else across the globe know about it. To a Google user it will be very odd that he came there searching for some information and all of a sudden the page doesn't exist. In terms of a website you need setup a 301 redirect to the new page (if the page has moved permanently).
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    yes, changing URL has an impact on SEO of that page. It is one of the attribute search engine sees to get some information about the page. It is always advisable to custom URL based on the page content.
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    Yes it will affect the seo ranking, as the old URL will be still shown on Google search results, and when someone clicks that url , it will direct them to the '404-page not found' since there will no content in the old url. Thus increasing the bounce rate of that page, which leads to depreciation of that page ranking.
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    So much. I changed mine n all my rankings dropped! This is coz of the following reasons:
    1. Crawling
    2. Keywords
    3. Domain Age
    4. Permalinks
    5. Links......

    We can go on n on to 20...
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    If you want to change already index website URL so, you need to redirect on right url. So, it doesn't effect rankings otherwise you lost rankings.
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    Changing your URL will undo all your SEO work, trigger your website to plummet in ranking and search traffic. If you're considering changing URL SEO, beware
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    Off course changing a url impacts a lot for your ranking. However if it is necessary you need to use a 301 redirect to your old url to your new url. Doing 301 Redirect is really easy and you can do it from your hosting cpanel in few clicks.

    In case you are facing issue, let me know. I will help out to resolve this issue for free.

    Happy to Help.
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  • Yes, Changing the URL's will impact on your SEO rankings. It removes the direct relationship with the user from your site. You can put 301 redirects to avoid duplicate content.
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    No, Use 301 Redirection.
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    If you are, change your Live URL of your website, So the impact automatically views on your analytics dashboard. Your all works goes waste you do on the Webpage. So the best option is you redirect the Link to use 301.
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    Yes, definitely affect ranking because your old URL is already Crawled on Google and so automatically keyword rank will drop. If you want to change URL make it 301 redirections but don't change URL.
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    URLs and SEO are closely tied. Simple changes to your URL, such as changing domain, adding or removing punctuation, or adjusting capitalization in your directory can have serious implications on your SEO. The impact of changing URLs can be severe. Doing so opens your site to receiving 404 errors and broken links, making it impossible for Google to properly index your site..Google ranks a site largely based on the links pointing to and from it, and changing URLs may cause the referring links to lead website visitors to error pages. These broken links are going to hurt your referring traffic and your site's domain authority.
    So, yes changing URL definitely have a negative impact on SEO.
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    Changing URL will not affect on your SEO but it will kill all your SEO. Changing the URLs mean your are creating new URLs for old services. All the backlinks related to the old URL will be removed so you need to start again from #1.

    To reduce the risk of losing all backlinks and SEO advantages from those backlinks, you need to do 301 redirect the old URL to the new URL properly so that all the backlinks pointing to the old URL will redirect to the new URL and you will probably get all the benefit from old backlinks. So, just remember to 301 redirect your old URL to the new one if you want to not lose all the hard work done in the past.
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    URL structure is one of the major factors in the SEO to improve ranking and CTR. Changing URL without following the SEO guidelines can affect the keyword ranking and traffic. Before changing URL, you have to make your URL SEO friendly (Use your targeted keywords in the URL) and after changing the URL, use 301 redirection for old URL (Old URL should be redirected to new optimized URL). This will help you to pass your old URL authority to your new URL (Link Juice).

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    Of course it does. But to tell you more and how it might affect your website you would need to write a little bit more and use exact case so I could tell you if it's a good move or not/or how to do it right

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    Yes. when url is changed keyword position will automatically falls down and traffic reduces in-stud of that just redirect old url with new url
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    Yes, by redirecting, you will minimize possible losses.
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    in some way it impact of your ranking but one way to safe this problem that is redirect your url
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