Do I need permission if I link to a governments' websites internal pages?

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I am writing a post about diet and I want to link to two u.s. government websites - that are not an index page but internal pages. Am I allowed to link to it without asking them for permission?

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    What makes you think you need permission to link to anything?
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    Of course you can link to them - in fact, most govt sites can be quoted, too. No one can control the sites you link TO.
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      Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

      in fact, most govt sites can be quoted, too.
      I'd expand that to "all sites - government or otherwise - can be quoted". If it was against the law to have ANYTHING from another website on your pages, Google would be involved in millions of lawsuits. That's what a search engine does - quote text found on websites it has crawled.
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    You can not only link to US govt sites, but also use the content (even in full) from some government sites that allow it (subject to the permission terms).
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    You can link to any government website as there is no restrictions on linking to any website. However, if are suppose to use their content, you should not do that. Never copies content from any website (even nongovernment websites). That can penalize your website in search engines.
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    Nope u dont.

    From SEO point-of-view: by doing that, linking within the content to a goverment website/recognizable one is also a great thing as it makes your website look better in google-bot twisted eyes

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    No, you can't do that. It can affect the SEO of the website and also make a cause of spamming.
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    Go a head. In fact, if you are looking for reputable sites, govt 's are the best. They will give you the exposure you need.
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    If you are giving links to government website's page from your post means you are giving value of information to that page, So there are not any special permission need.
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