Have Friend in Shenzhen China-ADSENSE aprove help?

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I have a friend in Shenzhen,China. Shes got a great site up and tried to apply for adsense but they just refused today..i think it said site needs to be at least 6 monthe old.
Does anyone know how she can get approved quickly??? She'd love to start ASAP.
Also a link from google shows a article on hubpages about getting instantly approved....anyone know of how to get approved...this is her first site?
Thanks for any help,
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    use blogger.com they will approve your adsense account immediately
    Professional Web Designers www.WebDesignBros.com
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      Hi guys...thanks for your replies...actually
      im glad she cant see me type this but unfortunately
      this is what you get from communist rule...they have blocked
      wordpress you-tube AND blogger...i thought it was just for
      the olympics but apparently not..ok the communist comment
      is unfair..thats how it is there.

      No blueice, my niche blogger sites get in serps within a few days
      and i will share my techniques soon...but for Joy it would be easy
      to get her to $20-$50/day reasonably quickly and you have no idea how such a little amount like that can help them out...

      I usually use WorldProxy202 - Proxies from around the world at your fingertips. as it gets past just about any thing (great for checking CPA offers in countries that dont offer the cpa in your country....so you can view it at least....anyway....your right about the 6 months but that i found is only for your own sites.....

      I did find out that if you setup a HUBPAGE.... you can apply for an adsense account through that reasonablt fast....i shall try this route and let you know...
      Thanks for your help gang!!!

      You are CORRECT...........my apologies.....
      ACCORDING to google if you are from ASIA,china ect....you blog MUST have 6 months of original content on it FIRST

      Heres the link:
      Does Adsense filter people from India and China more strictly ? - AdSense Help

      That answers that for now.....
      will have to get some adsense alternatives for now...Seeya
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