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Hey Everyone, long time poster and lurker on WF. Hope you all are doing well in this trying time. I just started up and online personal training business, bought the domain about a week or so ago. I know SEO can take months of years, but I wanted to see if there is anything else I can do to my website to prepare it to rank for the keyword "online personal training". Any help would be appreciated.

BeVeryFit is my company name, you can google it since i cant post links

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    Yes. Do on page optimization and the skyscraper technique ( has a goid explanation) and silos for seo (google it, or look up Yukon, former member here, who posted some good stuff on silos).
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    I am not too experienced with seo but as advice i would advise you to not depend only on 1 traffic source as its very risky in internet marketing .You know that word : Never Put your eggs in 1 single basket
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  • Create a number of webpages focusing on your keyword, but I see you have some stiff competition for that keyword
    online personal training.

    I see there are other well known brands that are already in the top 5 positions, but you can still try to rank for it by having multiple pages on your website targeting that keyword. Create webpages targeting the LSI keywords aswell, so that your website becomes the authority in this niche.
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    The #1 factor for SEO in 2020 is content.

    As many of your pages as possible need to have at least 2,400 words, because that's the length needed to include all the expert phrases which help SEO. Having a blog can help with this, and it's good to have new content regularly, for SEO, plus it helps you create content for lots of phrases which have enough search volume (at least 500 global searches per month) and low SEO difficulty (KWFinder is the most accurate for that).

    Make sure your site is HTTPS, and has "about", "contact", "terms" and "privacy policy" so that it looks professional both to visitors and to Google.

    Make sure there's plenty of internal linking, both in terms of good navigational tools and contextual links. A link will flow about 70% of the SEO value to the page linked to, so you can get some of your low SEO difficulty blog posts ranked well, then link from those to your squeeze page or wherever you get subscribers or sales, and those will then rank better.

    Make sure every image has an Alt Tag with relevant keywords. And use keywords in sub-titles in your content.

    For off-page SEO, the most important thing is to ONLY make back-links from sites with a Domain Authority of 20 or more, and only if the page you link from has content relevant to yours. Low DA or irrelevant back-links do you more harm than good. And never use your main keyword as back-link anchor-text until your site is over a year old, and after that, use it less than 1% of the time, and only for the most important link to your site from the most effective places you can link from.

    Social media links do not help you rank, but you do need them (and signals, such as Likes, Shares etc.) to tell Google that people like your content.

    I hope that gives you a few pointers !

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    Why don´t you have any information about the company behind this "offer"? When I can´t find any "about information" on a website, I expect it to be a scam.
    You state that you have just started your "business" but one of the testimonials claims, that a guy has been using the program for a year - nice try - good luck :-)
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    On page optimization, and more content will give it the exposure you need. But as you say you need to be patient.
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