Google punished me hard?

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I noticed a big decrease in my website traffic in the last couple of days, then saw this:

I am worried that it's because a multi-language system that I inserted back a few months ago, that detect the user's preferred language and change the website language according to it (same URL, not a subdomain).

Any idea what I can do to check this?
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    I'd give it a week or so to see if it jumps back up again. Have you made any other changes? New link building strategy? Anything else you've done different over the past few weeks when it comes to marketing, SEO or other site changes?

    Are all your meta info and tags also translated? See (in analytics) if you can see what traffic you've lost, which countries dropped significantly, etc. Could be a number of reasons for the drop.

    Send me your website via PM and I'll have a quick look for you to see if I can help pinpoint the issue. That's a lot of lost traffic!
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    I really doubt that something you did "several months ago" had a sudden profound effect like that. It is far more likely that something you did within the last month is the culprit.
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    Have you checked your backlink profile? It could be negative seo.
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      Could it really? I mean really? I mean really squared?

      Google just ignores crappy links. Think it through: if it were the way you think,you'd go to fiverr, buy a gazillion lousy links for % bucks, point to a competitors, and bingo, they're dead.

      For $100, you can clear the top 2 pages in Google.

      So, do you really think it could be that?

      Originally Posted by Fototilbud View Post

      Have you checked your backlink profile? It could be negative seo.
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    There's a Google Algorithm update this month (April) and it's about Google Search Console stuff. I think you need to check your previous reports and then retrieve it as possible. Also, evaluate all the stuff you did to have a base map of all the things before you proceed. I can see to your screenshot that it's really alarming due to a sudden big drop. I had my experience before about the same case and the things we did were just to retrieve it to where we had it before.
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  • Reverse engineer what you've done in the past month, to see what could have caused that drastic drop in traffic. Undo what you've done one by one, to see if your traffic flow increases with each tweak.
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    What you did may not have impacted on site because if you did it months ago .google should have punished you within weeks. Get to an SEO expert for advise.
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    As i am seeing time period then can guess that its due to google new update because google update algo in last of march and your traffics ratio is going down just after a week or hardly after 10 days.

    After first week of April we saw few cases of this types .... and can say by sure that its due to some bad links ..... one page issue can also effects your ranking but like this ..... just check your backlinks and try to remove bad neighborhood links or disavow those bad links who is effective your site ranking and traffics like this ASAP to recover your site.
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    Google recently rolled out its update.
    Recently, there have been many sites that have lost their position in the top.
    If your site has been affected by this update, I can advise you to take the following steps.
    It is must to conduct a full technical audit of the site.
    Do a full analysis of the external link profile.
    I think that then you will find problems that caused your fall.
    Good luck
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    Hi theunreal
    I´m just curious to hear if you have regained some (or all) of your traffic - and if yes - what did you do?
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