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I have an old site that I have recently updated and submitted cml and php sitemaps to webmaster tools, however 2 weeks later it still states 0 discovered URLS and the pages that are indexed are old and no longer showing anything.

Anyway for adding getting the pages indexed? There are two sites in one the normal site and the affiliate shopping site but only the normal site is indexed (old pages)

I have a robots.txt it is a wp site and I have added the sitemaps to the robots.txt also.
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    Wait for a week or bit more. It takes time to index. Don't worry. Meanwhile check the seo of your pages. Check the titles, specially content to avoid duplicate content issue plus check the image size and alt text stuff.
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    Check in the backend if you have implemented the "Noindex" tag or blocked your website through Robots.txt. If all good then fetch your website on Google Search Console and also submit your site on some pinging sites.

    Not sure but it also quite possible that Due to Google penalty Your site has been removed!
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  • I think ping sites can help in indexing a website, try it once.
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    I'm a learner here but what are ping sites?
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      Originally Posted by Farmingstock View Post

      I'm a learner here but what are ping sites?
      They are web sites that supposedly get your site or new page into search engines and crawled quickly. Not sure how good they are but in the past they were mention here on the forum. Here is one service that is free https://pingler.com/ they have a paid version but not have no idea if it is worth it., One thing about pingler they do bing, yahoo, aol, and more

      Also you can find more sites on google that seem to do the same thing just type ping my website into google.
      Hope that helps.

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    There might be multiple reasons why your website is not indexed in Search Engines. First, you might have added HTML noindex-nofollow meta tag on the website. Check in the website source and if you found <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW"> then convert it to <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="INDEX, FOLLOW">.

    Second, you might disallow the site indexing through the robotos.txt file. Check if you have added something like "disallow: /" in the robotst.txt file. If you found it then replace it with "allow: /".

    Third, there might be some other technical issues on the website. For that, you need to check your website in the Google Search Console tool. If your website is penalized by Google, you can find the message in Google Search Console. If your website is penalized, take the necessary steps to remove the penalty.
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    Add another post or page, create some new content, Google likes to index sites with fresh content, the spider just can't ignore it.
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